Advantages Review: Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection

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Do you work with entertainment content creation? Do you work with film and TV production or with game development?

How about using one single software collection that offers high-level professional tools for all those workflows? That is exactly what you get from the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection!

This software collection has all the features you need to create breathtaking movie scenes, to bring characters to life for TV and cinema and also to develop games!

In this Advantages Review you will discover how you can benefit from Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection.

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An Overview of the Collection

Included Software Programs

Benefits for Businesses

Visual Effects for Films & TV

Tools for Game Developers

An Overview of the Collection

Media & Entertainment Collection 3 year RecurringThe Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection has professional content creation tools within top products for media animation and rendering. Some of the included software programs are Autodesk’s Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold and Mudbox. The software pack has the necessary structure for developing complex rendering, complex effects and simulations. The Collection is used by movie studios and game studios to design scene sequences and characters for blockbuster, TV shows and games!

You can create your most demanding projects with ease and build scalable, powerful 3D animations from hyper realistic characters to detailed scenes with effective animating and modelling tools. When your project is ready, you can count on high-quality and fast renders.

For example, if you want to design complex effects like fire explosions, snow or sand, you can use Bifrost for Maya (included) to generate those visuals. Artists can produce dazzling, high-quality visual Effects (VFX), always counting on a wide variety of powerful animation tools, rigging tools and rendering tools to choose from.

Included Software Programs

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection includes the following software programs:

  • Maya: create realistic characters, objects, realistic character movement, impressive smooth effects and wide-reaching worlds in a visual programming environment. Iterate quickly and see project previews.

  • 3ds Max: create expansive worlds for games, shape scenes and 3D objects, make finely detailed interiors for design visualization.

  • Arnold: iterate changes quickly and see high-quality previews, render the most demanding projects, save time with intuitive controls and artist-friendly user interface (UI).

  • MotionBuilder: work on complex character animation by capturing, editing, and playing back.

  • Mudbox: paint and sculpt highly detailed 3D textures and 3D geometry.

  • ReCap Pro: create 3D models from imported laser scans and photographs.

  • Character Generator: create and custom ready-to-animate 3D characters.

  • Autodesk Rendering: create photorealistic images in less time with Autodesk cloud rendering.

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Benefits for Businesses

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection has many features to help businesses develop media animation and game design faster. You can access creative tools, rendering power and scalable simulation! Businesses can equip artists with a broad range of 3D tools at every production stage.
You don’t need to worry about tools or pipelines that limit your business ability to hire the best artist for the job because you count on hiring flexibility and tools for creating sophisticated effects at scale with the possibility to run Bifrost for Maya (included) on up to 15 machines.

Also, you increase the capabilities of your business when you reduce the time spent from project start to completion. You can save a lot of money by using 2 or more of the products in the Collection when you get them as a software pack instead of getting them separately.

Common file formats can be imported and exported for core products. Some of the software products allow you to collaborate simultaneously on a project or model throughout workflows, such as in game design, game development or film and TV production.

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Visual Effects for Films & TV

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection offers benefits for Movie Studios and TV Studios. There are creative tools for every production phase, from designing the first sketch to the final frames of the rendered project. The Collection offers everything a production team needs to model, animate, rig, create FX, light and render animation projects.

The software Arnold (included) makes rendering much easier and faster. Work teams can access the simulation power of Bifrost for Maya (included) to create dazzling procedure effects from explosions and dust storms to sand and snow.

Those effects can also be customized in a visual programming environment to sculpt sophisticated details. Artists have powerful tools available along the entire workflow at hand to deliver impressive work. Complex productions are no challenge!

You can enjoy an end-to-end creative toolkit for animators, modellers, artists and also for effects. You can also see high-quality previews from in the software programs 3ds Max and Maya (both included).

Another advantage is with each Collection subscription that you can scale up VFX capabilities as you can run Bifrost for Maya (included) on up to 15 machines. Use Mudbox and Maya (both included) to refine, texture and sculpt the look of your project models.

Tools for Gamer Developers

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection offers all the creating tools and features you need to design games. All your artistic creativity can be put into action! You can model realistic game character animation and beautiful cutscenes. There are tools that are best suited for each task of creating 3D content.

The Collection also offers hiring flexibility thanks to the software programs 3ds Max and Maya (both included), it’s easy for different artists to work together on the development of the same game assets.
Artists can also use MotionBuilder and Maya (both included) to create believable game characters animation. The software Arnold (included) expands your ability to render eye-catching cinematics. Use Mudbox and Maya (both included) to sculpt, texture, and refine the look of your models.

Designing games becomes easier than ever with the support of an end-to-end toolset for game development that has everything necessary for animating, modelling, lighting, rigging, creating FX and rendering game projects.



Great! Now you know how you can benefit from Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection! You also know what are the included software programs, what are the benefits for businesses and what are the features for Film & TV Production and Game Development.

Need animation & rendering software? You already know what to do:

Get the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection.

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