Advantages Review: Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

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Do you work with product design and manufacturing processes?

How about using one single software collection that offers high-level professional tools for all those workflows? That is exactly what you get from Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection!

This software collection has all the features you need to accelerate your processes of product design and manufacturing! In this Advantages Review you will discover how you can benefit from Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

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An Overview of the Collection

Included Software Programs

Benefits for Businesses

Professional Workflows & Tools

An Overview of the Collection

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection 3 year RecurringAutodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection includes a set of professional software programs and common tools of Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAM, and CAE) to streamline product development processes in a way that connects every person involved from concept to production.

The software pack has top products such as Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor and Navisworks. This set of applications for end-to-end product development that allow you to design, simulate and make anything! The Collection brings together product design and manufacturing with CAD, CAM, and CAE apps and services. No design opportunity will be left out!

This software toolset empowers you to develop your most inspiring ideas, to analyze more design options than ever before, automate repetitive work, collaborate more accurately and make complete product designs. You can build product system layouts, prevent product failures, design high-performing products, connect data from design to manufacture and expand product potential!

Included Software Programs

Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection includes the following software programs:

  • AutoCAD: a software program with industry-specific tools for developing 2D and 3D CAD.

  • Fusion 360: a cloud-based software program for CAD/CAM/CAE product design and manufacturing.

  • Navisworks Manage: a software program for reviewing large-scale design with scheduling and clash detection.

  • Inventor: a software program that offers a professional-grade toolset for 3D mechanical design, simulation and documentation.

  • Inventor CAM: a software programming solution for Inventor that is integrated 2.5- to 5-axis CAD/CAM.

  • Inventor Tolerance Analysis: a tolerance stackup analysis software program for evaluating dimensional variation impact.

  • Inventor Nesting: a true shape nesting software program for Inventor for optimizing yield from raw material.

  • Inventor Nastran: a CAD-embedded software program for non-linear stress, vibration, thermal and fatigue simulation.

  • Factory Design Utilities: a factory design software program for planning, designing and installing efficient production layouts.

  • Vault: a product data management software program for managing track revisions and design files.

  • 3ds Max: a 3D rendering and animation software program for design visualization.

  • ReCap Pro: a software program for reality capture and 3D scanning and services.

  • HSMWorks: a software programming solution or SOLIDWORKS that has integrated 2.5- to 5-axis CAD/CAM.

  • Autodesk Rendering: a software program that offers high-resolution and fast cloud renderings.

  • Autodesk Drive: CAD-aware cloud storage for small teams and for individual use.

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Benefits for Businesses

Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection has many features to help businesses deliver faster and increase win rates. Companies can access a connected and automated toolset of software applications that allow rapidly setting up and delivering products to customer specifications. Product quality can be improved and you can use advanced simulation to validate products, but also to and optimize products and manufacturing processes.

Businesses can promote sustainability by developing processes and products and minimize waste with optimized material use. You can increase product potential and expand possibilities that improve performance when using the machines you already own.

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Professional Workflows & Tools

Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection offers many features for creating product designs, for exploring design opportunities, for connecting work and people and for automating routine tasks. Let’s discover the details.

Create Product Designs

Starting from a single part to massive assembly, you can rapidly create complete product models, easily create product models and documentation by using 2D drafting toolsets and professional-grade 3D parametric design capabilities.

Creating better products faster is possible! Highly efficient production lines can start from the product design phase thanks to intuitive 2D workflows that can be converted into detailed 3D models for production line layout conceptualization. This helps in taking critical design decisions.

The Collection allows you to communicate your ideas with impressive visualizations and clearly convey high-fidelity imagery and animations designs that can be generated directly from a 3D model for design reviews use, in sales and marketing collateral and in documentation use.

You can streamline the move to manufacturing and make effective processes that support transition from design to manufacturing supported by integrated tools that generate multi-axis toolpaths and sheet metal nests!

Explore Design Opportunities

With Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection you can explore multiple design alternatives and expand your design possibilities. Thanks to generative design capabilities let you make many production-ready design options, review tradeoffs in materials, cost, performance and manufacturing processes.

You can push the boundaries for better products, prevent failures with advanced performance simulation built on the Autodesk Nastran solver (included), improve efficiency and extend capabilities.

It’s possible to evaluate factory projects before building. Discrete-event simulation capabilities allow you to remove bottlenecks in the process and in the installation using proposed production line designs and clash detection between the as-is state.

You can also evaluate dimensional variation costs and use the cost of tighter tolerances based on an analysis of the cumulative dimensional variation between mating geometry to balance performance and mechanical fit.

Connect Work and People

Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection allows you to connect everyone with everything! You can combine 2D and 3D design tasks. You can also combine 2D and 3D CAD capabilities to conceptualize designs, to speed up the creation of drawings and documentation and to integrate electromechanical models.

It is possible to manage all that data in less time. You can make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues by controlling your intellectual property in a single location. Data can be securely shared externally to speed-up and simplify and review cycles.

Be integrated with many aspects of CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling). The Collection lets you make BIM objects of your product models to deliver to your clients!
You can reference CAD and BIM models from other software programs that will update whenever a change is made to the original files.

Large scale design projects collaboration can be done effectively, you review large scale designs by aggregating design data from different sources. You can also unify stakeholders communication, check for clashes and simulate installation.

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Automate Routine Tasks

Automating routine tasks is a great way for focusing on other project phases, and the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection helps you with that! For customizing settings to customer specs, you can use an impressive but simple-to-use automation engine to make custom product configurators that capture engineering knowledge and save you time for other project tasks.

Teams can benefit from automatic compliance, the Collection allows you to automate templates for assemblies, parts and drawings for preserving time and reducing errors, save time. This makes it easier to follow company standards.

Design validation and manufacturing can be accelerated, automating routine tasks involved in simulation setup in Inventor Nastran (included) and toolpath strategies in Inventor CAM can be used to speed up downstreams.

True-shape nesting can also be automated by generating multiple sheet nests for reducing raw material waste and producing comparison reports for reviewing total cost, machining time and overall efficiency!


Great! Now you know how you can benefit from Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection! You also know what are the included software programs, what are the benefits for businesses and what are the Collection’s professional workflows and tools.

Need product design & manufacturing software? You already know what to do:

Get the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

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