Advantages Review: OCLU 4K Action Camera

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Are you looking for a top quality action camera to make awesome recordings on-the-move? Or do you need a stable camera to record movement-full home videos?

In this Advantages Review you will see why the OCLU 4K Action Camera has all you could ask for and much more!

So much in so little” is the motto of this award-winning, next-generation 4K camera.

Oclu 4K Action Camera Review

Let’s discover the benefits of OCLU 4K for anyone who loves action recording, sports, athleticism, video editing and cameras in general!

You can also jump to any feature of OCLU 4K here in the post through this quick access list:

High-Tech Features LiveCut® Snow Accessory Bundle
Wind-Reduction Microphones Custom Modes Ocean Accessory Bundle
Aerodynamic Elegant Design Video Features Moto Accessory Bundle
Awards and Recognition Photo Features Insta Accessory Bundle
Mounting/Tripod Compatibility Social Media Features Adventure Accessory Bundle
Water-Resistance Ride Accessory Bundle Spare Accessories

High-Tech Features

The OCLU Action Camera offers many high-tech features:

  • 4K VIDEO RECORDING: OCLU records videos with Ultra-Sharp image quality of 4K resolution with 4K 30 FPS 1080P 120FPS (“FPS” means Frames per Second).

  • IMAGE STABILIZATION: this camera implements Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with super smooth footage of 1080 pixels at 30 / 60 FPS (Frames per Second).

  • ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE: another awesome OCLU feature is a high sensitivity back illuminated image sensor with Ultra-Wide angle F2.5 150° diagonal all-glass lens.

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  • SMOOTHNESS: this camera’s slim design is granted with a weight of 101g (with battery & metal door) and a size of 62.5mm x 61.5mm x 28mm.

  • BATTERY: OCLU 4K also has an Interchangeable 1000 mAh battery, an interchangeable 1000 mAh battery.

oclu action camera

  • MOTION INITIATED RECORDING: OCLU 4K has motion initiated recording, for wildlife and other applications.

  • ONE TOUCH RECORD: videos can be initiated with the One Touch Record. So you’re always one press away from turning the camera on to start your recordings.

Cool, right?!

OCLU is delivered inside a durable travel case with the following items included:

  1. Microfiber bag to clean and protect the camera.
  2. OcSnap charge and data transfer cable.
  3. OcLink coupling mount to attach OCLU to your accessories.
  4. OcVolt 1000 mAh rechargeable battery.

You can also get OCLU Accessory Bundles for sports and more.

Wind-Reduction Microphones

For open space recordings, the OCLU 4K has Wind-Reduction Microphones on both front and top, independently isolated. The audio features specifications are PCM 48kHz 16bit for Automatic Wind Noise Control.

Aerodynamic Elegant Design

The OCLU 4K has a low profile aerodynamic design that makes it unintrusive, and resistant to motion-full actions and athletic movements.

oclu action camera

So you can easily attach an OCLU camera to a mount, a tripod or to your bicycle/moto helmet and be sure that your recordings won’t be blurry or shaky at all!

Those top design features granted OCLU many awards and much recognition.

Awards and Recognition

The innovative features and modern design of the OCLU camera have granted it a great recognition in the market and made it a Design Awards winner:

oclu action camera

  • 2x GOLD Winner of the European Product Design Award 2016
  • Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2016
  • Winner of the iF International Forum Design’s Product Design Award 2017
  • Winner of the European Product Design Award 2017

There’s no doubt that this Action Camera is a leader in design and innovation!

Mounting and Tripod Compatibility

The OCLU 4K has a Universal Mounting Standard 1/4″ tripod mount & universally compatible accessory mount.

Also, all it’s accessories use the traditional tripod screw standard or the typical action camera mount system, so the camera and it’s accessories are compatible with a large variety of 3rd party products.

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With OCLU 4K Action Camera, you can record videos near water and over water surface (where the camera gets water splashes without being submerged) without needing a waterproof camera case.

You can also record videos underwater 1 meter deep up to 30 minutes, again with no waterproof camera case.

That’s made possible because of OCLU’s 1PX7 waterproof rating.

oclu action camera

For underwater videos recorded deeper than 1 meter down or for more than 30 minutes, you can get the OCLU’S OcShell Extreme Protection, sold separately.

The OcShell is a waterproof coated flat glass case that repels water to capture crystal clear footage up to 165 feet deep (around 50 meters), granting you ultimate durability in and out of water.

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OCLU camera has an original feature, LiveCut®, with the motto “Keep the best, cut the rest“.

LiveCut® is used to delete parts you don’t like of your recordings and get them ready-to-share, right from the camera, without having to import your videos to a computer to edit them before sharing with your friends and family.

Cool, right?!

oclu action camera


Custom Modes

With the help of your smartphone through app control you can choose from OCLU’s Custom Modes and use the Quick-Toggle Modes feature to add up to 4 customizable modes to the camera and toggle between them on-the-go.

The Custom Modes are:

  • LiveCut®
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Burst
  • Multi Photo
  • Loop Record
  • Time Lapse
  • Motion Record

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This way, you can customize your shooting modes and share your best moments very easily!

oclu action camera


Video Features

Those are the specifications of all OCLU’s video recording features:

  • 4K 16:9 (30 FPS)
  • 2.7K 16:9 (30 FPS Wide, SuperView FOV)
  • 2.7K 4:3 (30 FPS)
  • 2.5K 16:9 (60, 30, FPS)
  • 1440P 4:3 (60, 30, FPS)
  • FHD 1080P 16:9 (120, 60, 30 FPS – 60, 30 FPS Superview)
  • 960P 4:3 (120, 60, 30 FPS)

Oclu 4K Action Camera Review

  • 720P with 240, 120, 60 and 30 FPS Wide, Superview Field of View (FOV)
  • High Bitrate Video (H.264) of H.264 BP/MP/HP Level 5.1 and MJPEG.
  • Superview a.k.a. widest field of view widest FOV
  • Loop Recording
  • Auto One-Button Record
  • Sport Mode
  • Low Light Mode

Photo Features

Those are the specifications of all OCLU’s photo shooting features:

  • Resolution: 1/2″ 12.4 MP (4168 pixels * 3062 pixels)
  • Burst Rates: 10/SEC, 5/SEC, 3/SEC
  • Time Lapse Intervals: 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds
  • Continuous Photo Rates

Social Media Features

If you like to Shoot & Share, OCLU has some special features:

  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Built-In Bluetooth®
  • GPS data record through your phone and links to content
  • Simultaneous Video + Photo feature to shoot photos while recording an action video
  • HighLight Tags to mark specific moments in your videos

Accessory Bundles for Sports and More

oclu action camera

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OCLU 4K Action Camera offers 6 accessory bundles sold separately.

They’re designed for many sport styles and for any environment, including an Insta Bundle made specially to help you record videos and shoot photos for social media!

The Ride Bundle of OCLU 4K Action Camera includes:

  • OcWrap Stretchy Mount
  • OcBar Bar Mount
  • OcYou Chest Mount
  • OcBond Adhesive Mount with FirmFlex™ Technology

The Snow Bundle includes:

  • OcYou Chest Mount
  • OcView Extendable Grip Mount
  • OcBond Adhesive Mount with FirmFlex™ Technology

oclu action camera

The Ocean Bundle of OCLU 4K Action Camera includes:

  • OcShell Waterproof Case
  • OcGrip Floating Grip Mount
  • OcBond+ Large Adhesive Mount with FirmFlex™ Technology

The Moto Bundle includes:

  • OcWrap Stretchy Mount
  • OcBar Bar Mount
  • OcFix Suction Mount
  • OcBond Adhesive Mount with FirmFlex™ Technology

The Insta Bundle includes:

  • OcWrap Stretchy Mount
  • OcView Extendable Grip Mount

The Adventure Bundle includes:

  • OcWrap Stretchy Mount
  • OcBond Adhesive Mount with FirmFlex™ Technology
  • OcShell Waterproof Case
  • OcGrip Floating Grip Mount
  • OcView Extendable Grip Mount
  • OcYou Chest Mount

oclu action camera

You can purchase one or more Spare OCLU Accessories (for sports and more), including:

  • Spare OcBond Adhesive Mount with FirmFlex™ Technology
  • Spare OcBond+ Large Adhesive mount with FirmFlex™ Technology
  • Spare OcLink Coupling Mount
  • Spare SD Cards of 32GB, 64GB & 128GB
  • Spare OcVolt Spare Battery

Oclu 4K Action Camera Review

  • Spare OcSnap Charging Cable
  • Spare OcDock Magnetic Mount
  • Spare OcYou Chest Mount
  • Spare OcFix Suction Mount
  • Spare OcBar Bar Mount
  • Spare OcView Extendable Grip Mount
  • Spare OcGrip Floating Grip Mount
  • Spare OcShell Waterproof Case
  • Spare OcWrap Stretchy Mount


The OCLU 4K Action Camera is the perfect fit for your sport recordings as well as montion-rich home video recordings. Plus, you have the option to get the Sport Accessory Bundles to improve your shootings even more!

Now know what to do in case you need a great action camera to help you with all your needs!

Get an OCLU 4K Action Camera.

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