6 Basic Things Every Gamer Needs

Do you have all the basic gear for gaming?

It is possible to set up your gamer equipment in a way that doesn’t cost much and that helps you to win some matches and to play better. There are some things that belong to more advanced gaming setup, with no “work around”. In addition to a computer, the peripherals are components of a gaming setup, they are devices that you plug into a computer. With the right peripherals, you can put together your basic gaming gear without spending too much money

In this post you will discover what are the 6 basic things every gamer needs for building a professional gaming setup that is simple and efficient.

Let’s get started!

1. Gaming Computer

The first thing you need is a gaming computer. It can be an all-in-one computer or a laptop. Gaming computers are made specially for gamers and are designed to perform well when running lots of highly demanding games. If your computer can run the games you play without crashing, you’re good to go!

If that’s not the case, remember that you can either buy a gaming computer that is sold as a full pack (all-in-one), but it would be better if you chose the hardware piece by piece, then you assemble it by yourself or hire a Computer Assembly Specialist. This way, you have more possibilities to choose the best gaming accessories and peripherals.

How to Build a Basic Gamer Setup

And that’s what we’re gonna talk about now.

2. Gaming Monitor

The first peripheral you can get to build your gaming equipment is a gaming monitor, if you use a laptop to play games the monitor can work as a second screen. It can be an HD monitor of 720p or a Full HD of 1080p.

A monitor that is compatible with VESA Mounts support is ideal if you have a mount of your own and want to place the monitor on the wall or something similar.

You can choose a monitor with an RGB lighting system, which is specific for gaming. If you play First-Person Shooter games you can get an FPS monitor that tracks your computer hardware state and displays that info as an overlay in-game. You can also get a standard monitor for standard computers (that aren’t for gaming).

The important thing is that the monitor needs to have some technology that guarantees better viewing angles, such as IPS technology, in addition to a good level of colors and a relatively high contrast. Also, take into account the response time. But always prioritize image resolution and color quality.

3. Gaming Mouse + Mousepad

A good gaming mouse is essential for playing better. This type of mouse is ergonomic and much more comfortable than a standard mouse.

List of Essential Gear That Every Gamer Needs

Another advantage is that there are gaming mouses that better suit different types of game. A gaming mouse has better sensors, lower latency rates and also extra buttons such as a DPI button and a fire button. A gaming mouse is also more durable and helps you to play better.

A mousepad can also improve your gaming experience, it improves the gaming mouse performance, it’s much easier to aim on FPS games and similar games in which important commands are triggered by the mouse. A mousepad can also be useful for sliding the mouse and securely holding the mouse, also preventing other drums from bouncing and falling off your table.

The ideal is getting a mousepad that covers the entire space of your laptop or the entire space where you put your keyboard + mouse if it’s an all-in-one computer because that prevents those peripherals from sliding while you play.

4. Gaming Keyboard

It’s important to have a mechanical gaming keyboard because they’re made of durable material that stands impact over time more than other keyboards. You can play much better because the gaming keyboard has a much lower response time than a standard keyboard. The point is that a gaming keyboard performs well when you play for several hours. In addition, a gaming keyboard will have multimedia keys to make it easier to access commands when you’re playing, it also has an ergonomic structure.

Essentials Checklist of Basic Gaming Gear

5. Gaming Audio

Your gaming audio gear can either be a gaming headset (ear pads + microphone) or standard computer speakers + an external microphone. A gaming headset has features for noise canceling and noise isolating to reduce disturbing exterior sounds and noises. The advantage of having a gaming headset is that the microphone is already included to talk to other players during the game.

A gaming headset also comes with comfortable ear pads to improve your gameplays. Another advantage is that gaming headsets are made to offer immersive audio, which will immerse you in the game making the experience more real.

How to Build a Basic Gaming Setup

Using speakers is also a good option for listening to the sound of the game in the entire room where you play, which is another type of immersive audio. Preferably a wireless Bluetooth box is more useful as you can take it anywhere to connect to a gaming laptop for example. In addition, your gamer setup looks better with speakers.

You can choose to have a gamer headset and also speakers for your gamer computer, so you choose which audio output to use, the speakers give you a greater spatial immersion in the game (in terms of the environment) and the headset isolates external noise.

6. Gaming Furniture

To finish your basic gaming equipment set up, you can get a gaming desk and a gaming chair. Another gaming furniture item that can make your gaming experience much more comfortable is a gaming chair because those chairs are made to eliminate fatigue while you’re playing for hours and help you play better. A gaming desk that has ideal dimensions to fit your gaming computer and peripherals.

A Checklist of Basic Gear for Gaming

A gaming desk will be a great investment to put in place where you game. Finally, you can get a support mount for your monitor if you use an all-in-one desktop computer, such as a monitor arm that will optimize your monitor’s position and height in the way that better suits gaming.


Great! Now you know what you need to get to put together your basic gaming equipment! So don’t hesitate to put what you’ve learned into practice to get your gaming gear!

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