8 Benefits of Action Cameras

Are you deciding if you should invest in an action camera? Now you will see 8 awesome advantages of having one!

Action cameras are digital cameras made to record videos (and take photos) during action. They apply a series of techniques to generate stable images with great quality avoiding image shake, image blur and other issues that may arise with other camera types.

So you can record and photograph your sport moments, gym exercises and any similar activities using an action camera with no quality loss at all!

Keep reading to find out what this digital device has to offer.

Let’s understand the benefits of action cameras.

Benefits of Investing in Action Cameras and Guide to Choose the Best One

1. Great image stabilization

The first advantage of using an action camera is getting great image stability. And that goes for any movement-full action!

It can be while you practice your favorite sport, while you’re at the gym or even at home! As long as there’s a good amount of movement happening, an action camera can definitely improve your recordings.

That’s made possible by a technology called EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization, which is implemented by action cameras.

The Best Action Cameras for Bike Videos

All your footage will have a smooth aspect and you can be sure there won’t be any kind of blur or shake at any video part!

So if you’re considering getting an action camera that’s the first benefit you should keep in mind: anything you record gets stabilized and you can take High Definition photographs of the videos while you’re recording.

2. Record 4K videos

Another great advantage of using an action camera is that you actually can record 4K Ultra HD 1080p videos (a.k.a 4K UHD or 4K 1080p) of movement-full moments.

Action cameras that are 4K offer you Ultra HD image quality at 30 FPS (“FPS” means Frames per Second).

Imagine that!

You can ride a bicycle at mountain tops, highways and green areas or attach an action camera (to your bicycle) and all images you record (and photograph) will be 4K Ultra-Sharp!

To benefit from this tech spec you need to get a 4K action camera.

3. Water-resistance

The Best Yet Cheapest Action Camera for Underwater Videos

If you swim, surf, sail or practice any activity on water, underwater or around water, you can definitely benefit from an action camera!

Water-resistance action cameras can be immersed underwater and can be splashed by water with no damage at all!

Think about it!

You can record (and photograph) your best moments of a vacation time at the beach, or record your practice of your favorite underwater/on-water sport!

Not to mention that action cameras have integrated microphones

To benefit from this tech spec you need to get a Water-Resistant action camera.

4. Ultra wide angle lens

Another feature that differs action cameras from other cameras is the ultra wide angle integration.

This means the field of view of the camera is wider than usual allowing it to capture wider images. That’s great for recording sport practice because you get videos and photos with a better perspective of the scene.

Also, most of the time you can use an action camera to record in the first person, so the final footage will have the feel you have while you’re “in the action”. Cool, right?!

5. Perfect for sports

Other than 4K images and ultra wide angle lens, an action camera has other features that are perfect for sport lovers!

Action Cameras for Sports Which is the Best

For example, an action camera with wind reduction microphones is ideal for recording videos while you’re riding a bicycle, riding a motorcycle or any other sport at wide open spaces.

Also, aerodynamic features make action cameras very resistant to record movements that other cameras couldn’t record without resulting in blurry/shaky images.

So if you love sports, you can benefit a lot from getting an action camera!

6. Accessories to record any action-full moment

In case you’re wondering if you can attach an action camera to a bicycle helmet, to a handlebar, to your chest (for mountain hiking) or even attach it to a boat: yes you can do all of that!

4K Action Camera The Best Yet Cheapest One

Action cameras have multiple accessories for many sport styles to help you take one to any sport practice.

If you’re not practicing sports, that’s fine because action cameras accessories can be helpful for other movement-full moments.

Just imagine you using a mount or tripod with an action camera, that’s great for multiple situations, right?!

Not to mention that you can get a Social Media accessories bundle to help you use an action camera while taking selfies or recording videos from the selfie perspective!

7. GPS data record

If you like recording your sport adventures with the GPS data, you can do that with GPS data record feature that action cameras provide, usually integrated with your smartphone to keep track of your locations. So in case you’re a fan of GPS data recording, remember that with an action camera you get that feature too!

The Benefits of Action Cameras and the Best Water-Resistant Out There

8. Wireless connectivity and more

Other than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, you can get an action camera with loop recording, video + photo feature (that’s why you can shoot photos while recording videos), and time lapsing!

Wireless connectivity also allows you to connect your action camera to your smartphone and benefit from App Control features!

As you can see, an action camera has a lot to offer!


Now you know the benefits of getting an action camera and how it can be great for you even if you don’t practice sports very often.

So in case you’re considering investing in one, there’s a top quality recommendation we have for you!

OCLU 4K Action Camera: All You Could Want and More!

When it comes to action cameras, there’s one we recommend that can grant you all you could ask for and more, which is OCLU 4K.

Advantages Review OCLU 4K Action Camera

This action camera offers image stabilization, 4K UHD videos with 1080 pixels at 30 FPS, water-resistance, wind reduction microphones, aerodynamic features, multiple accessories for many sport styles, Social Media bundle and GPS data record.

OCLU 4K is an award-winning, next-generation action camera that also has many other High-Tech features, LiveCut® (you can cut videos right from the camera), Custom Modes with App Control, photo and video extra features, Social Media and the possibility to get spare accessories.

OCLU 4K Action Camera

Here’s what to do next:

See our post Advantages Review: OCLU 4K Action Camera to learn more about this awesome device that can improve your sport videos and action photos videos forever!

You won’t regret it!

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