Camera Accessories by Peak Design: Advantages Review

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Do you need camera accessories such as tripods and bags?

Great! In this Advantages Review you will see all benefits of getting your Camera Gear on Peak Design and how that can improve your photo shootings a lot! Peak Design is a company that focuses on designing beautifully crafted innovative Camera Gear products.

Camera Accessories by Peak Design

On Peak Design, you can purchase a variety of Camera Bags, Camera Straps & Clips, Tripods and also Accessories’ Replacement Parts.

Let’s see all about Peak Design’s Camera Products and their advantages.

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Tripod Accessories Camera Clips
Replacement Parts Camera Bags


Travel Tripods by Peak Design

Peak Design Travel Tripods are made with unique compactness and are super fast to setup and takedown. They have pro-level stability and have an Integrated Ergonomic Ball Head!

Travel Tripods by Peak Design
Travel Tripod by Peak Design

You can choose from two models:

Both models offer exclusive Peak Design features:

  • Design resulted of 4 years of engineering

  • 5 Leg Sections

  • Mobile Ready: integrated phone mount to let you capture timelapses and long exposures with your phone

  • Securely grips any phone/case

  • Guaranteed for life

  • Pro-performance that packs down to the diameter of a water bottle

  • 9.8 seconds to deploy (“open” the tripod and place it on the ground)

  • Ergonomic adjustment points

  • Weight capacity: 9.1 kg (20 lbs)

  • A single ergonomic adjustment ring for smooth and simple control

  • Pro setups optimization, it can support up to full-frame DSLR camera + telephoto lens

  • Integrated load hanging hook
Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Travel Tripods by Peak Design
Travel Tripod by Peak Design
  • Anchor attachment points for carrying with Peak Design Camera Straps (sold separately)

  • Ultra-smooth and omnidirectional Compact Ball Head

  • Compatible with all Peak Design Tripod Plates and most third party Arca-type plates

  • Weather and impact-resistant materials

  • All parts are serviceable, cleanable, and replaceable

Also, both the Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod and the Aluminum Travel Tripod have the following items in the box:

  • The Tripod (Legs + Compact Ball Head)
  • One Weatherproof Soft Case
  • One Standard Plate
  • One Hex Wrench (4mm + 2.5)
  • One Integrated Mobile Mount
  • One Bushing Removal Tool

Peak Design Travel Tripods are award-winning for design and portability! They’ve won many design awards over the years:

  • Carryology’s Best Innovation Carry Awards Outdoor Retailer Summer 19
  • Gear Insitute’s Best New Gear Outdoor Retailer Summer 19
  • GearJunkie’s Gear of the Year 2019
  • Gear of the Show 2019 Award by Outside
  • Core77’s Design Awards 2020 Winner

You can be sure that you’re making a great investment by getting a Travel Tripod by Peak Design. Now let’s see what Tripod Accessories you can get on Peak Design to support your tripods and improve your photo shootings even more!

Tripod Accessories by Peak Design

You can purchase Tripod Accessories by Peak Design to get even better results of your photography adventures!

With the Ultralight Conversion Kit you can quickly convert the Travel Tripod into an ultralight tabletop-sized backpack tripod. The Ultralight Conversion Kit has awesome exclusive features:

  • It contains 3 lightweight rugged plastic foot plugs that easily install in place of the lower 4 tripod leg sections

  • It works with both Carbon Tripod and Aluminum Tripod by Peak Design

  • Fast and easy set up, no tools required

  • Made from lightweight, rugged, weatherproof reinforced plastic

  • You have full function and articulation of the leg angle adjusters, the Compact Ball Head and the center column after the kit is installed

With the Universal Head Adapter you can use the Peak Design Travel Tripod’s ultra-compact legs with any standard 3rd party tripod head. The Universal Head Adapter has great unique features:

  • Ideal for functionalities such as tilt for video recording and fluid pan

  • You can benefit from the compactness and stability of the Peak Design Travel Tripods with any 3rd party tripod head

  • Works with both Carbon Tripod and Aluminum Tripod by Peak Design

  • Installs quickly using 4mm hex-drive screw (hex wrench included)

  • Uses universal ⅜ inch threading

Tripod Accessories by Peak Design

With the Spike Feet Set you can achieve superior stability and grip with Peak Design Travel Tripods when shooting on slippery or loose terrain. The Spike Feet Set a lot of exclusive features:

  • You can use Peak Design Travel Tripod on loose dirt or gravel, smooth rocks and ice

  • Great when using the Peak Design Travel Tripod with heavier photo or video rigs

  • You can attach to Travel Tripod legs using 3 hex-driven screw (included)

  • You can replace the Travel Tripod standard rubber feet by these 3 spike feet

Other than the Tripod Accessories, you can also get Peak Design Tripod Replacement Parts. Now let’s see the details about Peak Design Camera Straps.

Camera Straps by Peak Design

Peak Design Camera Straps are world leaders in versatility.

Camera Straps are made to hold your camera around your body (neck or shoulders) and keep it secure from knocks, plus they allow you to perform other tasks while keeping your camera close to you and ready to shoot at any time! This way, you don’t have to put your camera away every time you’re taking a break during your photo shootings.

You can get the Slide Pro Strap that has awesome pro features:

  • Works with heaviest of pro cameras

  • Works with binoculars too

  • It can be worn as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap
Slide Pro Camera Strap by Peak Design
Slide Pro Strap by Peak Design
  • It has a Unique Anchor Link system that connects quickly, plus it has dual points of connection that keep your camera more stable than traditional sling straps

  • Internally-padded webbing gives all-day comfort with no added bulk

  • Highly stable camera carry via 2 configurable points of connection

You can also get the Slide Lite Strap for Light DSLRs & Mirrorless Cameras that has many exclusive features:

  • Dual quick-adjusters provide instant access and easy reconfiguration

  • Unique Anchor Link connection system that lets you instantly reconfigure the Slide Strap as sling, neck, or shoulder strap

  • Works with Light DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras
Slide Lite Camera Strap by Peak Design
Slide Lite Strap by Peak Design
  • Works with binoculars too

  • Quick camera access with webbing glides over clothing

  • Huge range of length adjustment, made possible by 2 quick-pull adjusters

You can also get the Leash Strap for Portability & Minimalism that has a lot of unique features:

  • Zero slop

  • It connects to cameras, binoculars, rangefinders, tripods, tools, firearms and more!

  • The quickest Strap in the world to connect to your camera
Leash Camera Strap by Peak Design
Leash Strap by Peak Design
  • Ultra-portable package

  • Premium materials and redesigned touch/stress points

  • The patent-pending Anchor Link™ connection system lets you attach and detach the Leash strap instantly and securely, with one-hand!

You can also get the Cuff Wrist Strap that has multiple exclusive features:

  • Automatic Drop Protection: in case you drop your camera, this Strap cinches down on your wrist automatically!

  • Its magnetic clasp lets you wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet

  • Its anodized aluminum adjuster can cinch it to your wrist or lock it in an open position
Cuff Wrist Strap by Peak Design
Cuff Wrist Strap by Peak Design
  • It has great durability, twist resistance and smoothness

  • Works with to binoculars, GoPros, rangefinders, tools and more

  • Cuff’s wrist loop can fit palms over 5 inches wide (13 cm)

You can also get the Clutch Hand Strap that has awesome features:

  • It’s quick-connecting

  • It’s quick-adjusting

  • Super Strength: this Strap is strong enough to hold any camera, accessory combo or lens
Clutch Hand Camera Strap by Peak Design
Clutch Hand Strap by Peak Design
  • It has a Microfiber Pad that never lets the Strap get stick against your hand, so your hands never get sweaty
    You can cinch down on your hand or pull to loosen when accessing your camera controls, all with total security

  • Clutch Hand Strap is modest and unobtrusive when compared to other camera hand straps

You can also get Anchor Links Quick Connectors for Camera Straps that have great unique features:

  • These quick-connectors can be placed on the ends of any Camera Strap and give it super-fast, ultra secure quick-connection capability

  • They can also be connected to binoculars and similar devices

  • It includes Peak Design’s V4 Anchor connectors, which hold 200lbs (90kg) each
Anchor Links for Camera Straps by Peak Design
Anchor Links for Camera Straps by Peak Design
  • Their new Anchor Shape enables a simple 1-handed connection

  • Small Footprint: the Connectors have lightweight thermoplastic-overmolded Anchor disks that are smaller than a penny, so they never scratch your camera body, being very tiny when compared to nylon buckles strap quick-connection systems

By choosing any of Peak Design Camera Straps you’re surely making a great investment! Now let’s see details about Peak Design Camera Clips.

Camera Clips by Peak Design

On Peak Design you can purchase exclusive Camera Clips.

Camera Clips hold your camera when you’re not using it, they can be attached to a backpack strap, for example, while you’re walking and not using your camera.

You can get Capture Camera Clip (clip + plate) is the most secure, convenient, accessible way to carry your camera and it has multiple pro features:

  • It keeps your camera instantly accessible with the click of a button

  • It has a redundant security lock to prevent accidental release

  • You can carry any device: cameras, GoPros, binoculars and lenses
Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design
Capture Camera Clip (clip + plate) by Peak Design
  • It holds any camera and you can put it directly to any ARCA-type tripod with the included standard plate quick-release plate

  • Water-proof and water friendly

  • Fast Lens Changes: Camera locks into clip in 4 directions, enabling easier lens changes

You can also get the Capture Clip-Only (without a camera plate) in case you online need an additional clip, it has many great features:

  • It has a redundant security lock

  • All parts are weatherproofed and resist rust and saltwater

  • It works with any Peak Design Camera Plate or Kit, plus it can carry cameras, GoPros, lenses and binoculars
Capture Camera Clip-Only by Peak Design
Capture Camera Clip-Only by Peak Design
  • With a 2nd Capture clip you can switch from backpack to belt carry instantly

  • You can also leave a clip permanently attached to your favorite pack

Just remember that the Capture Clip-Only isn’t a stand-alone product, it requires a Peak Design Camera Plate or Kit for carrying cameras or other devices. Now let’s see the details about Peak Design Camera Bags.

Camera Bags by Peak Design

You can purchase many Bags on Peak Design, all exclusive products. They’re great to carry cameras and many types of Camera Gear, such as batteries, SD cards, hard drives and accessories.

The Camera Cube carries camera gear, video gear and drone gear, plus it has exclusive features:

  • 3 sizes available: Small, Medium and Large

  • Instant Access: Tear-away main opening with tuck-away flap. Dual side access hatches for medium and large sizes.

  • C-clip mounting system keeps the Cube rigidly in place, fits in all Travel Bags, external loops are compatible with any Peak Design Camera Strap (sold separately)
Camera Cube by Peak Design
Camera Cube by Peak Design
  • FlexFold dividers that get you organization, you can vertically stack items for maximal capacity, plus you can benefit from floating pocket stores lens caps, filters, and other small items

  • Exterior grab handles for easy grab-and-go

  • High durability: weatherproof 400D with 100% recycled nylon canvas shell, plus sturdy 8 zips included

  • It’s an award-winning product:
    • Carryology’s Best in Show Outdoor Retailer July 2018
    • GearJunkie’s Best in Shot Outdoor Retailer 2018
    • Gear Patrol’s Best in Show Outdoor Retailer 2018

The Field Pouch Accessory Bag can store Mirrorless Cameras, Lenses, SD Cards, Hard Drives and other accessories, and it has great exclusive features:

  • 3 Bags in 1

  • 6 stretchy mesh inner pockets to organize your items

  • Accessory Pouch to carry all small stuff such as battery packs and SD cards

  • Shoulder Bag to attach Peak Design Camera Straps (sold separately), you can also wear it as a sling bag
Field Pouch Accessory Bag by Peak Design
Field Pouch Accessory Bag by Peak Design
  • Belt Pouch to hang from any belt using seatbelt style belt/carabiner loops

  • Hidden Zippered Inner Pocket to store small valuable items

  • Weatherproof Durability: durable 400D nylon canvas shell with DWR coating that repels water, roll-top closure that prevents dust and moisture from entering inside

The Range Pouch Lens Hostler can carry camera lenses, camera flashes and other gear such as microphone, drones and tape measure, plus it has awesome exclusive features:

  • Premium Material and Premium Build: hypalon-reinforced and bar-tacked stress points, durable mixed-cotton twill interior for protection, hypalon touchpoints and and a luxurious feel

  • Rapid Belt Attachment: hook-and-loop affixed belt loops that allow quick belt mounting you having to remove your belt

  • Silent 1-Way Closure: unidirectional hook and loop faster opens silently and closes securely
Range Pouch Lens Hostler by Peak Design
All Sizes of the Range Pouch by Peak Design
  • Stacks 2 Lenses: you can internally stack 2 smaller lenses or divide pouch contents with flip-down felt divider

  • Peak Design Straps are supported: Hypalon Anchor attachments (2 Anchors included) let you attach any Peak Design Camera Strap (sold separately) and wear Range Pouch as a sling bag

  • Weatherproof Shell: 400D nylon canvas shell with high-density padding is DWR impregnated and poly-coated twice on both side

You can be sure to make a great investment by purchasing any Peak Design Camera Bags, Pouches and Cubes. Now let’s see which are Replacement Parts you can get on Peak Design to boost your Camera Gear even more.

Replacement Parts by Peak Design

You can get all these Replacement Parts for you Camera Gear on Peak Design:

P.O.V. Kit for Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design
P.O.V. Kit for Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design


Great! Now you know the advantages of Peak Design’s Travel Tripods, Tripod Accessories, Camera Straps, Camera Clips, Camera Bags and Replacement Parts! You also know which are their exclusive features!

Need camera accessories?

You already know what to do:

Get Camera Accessories by Peak Design.

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