Depositphotos Review: A Complete Advantages Guide

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Do you need Photos, Videos or Music to boost your media editing projects?

Or are you a Content Creator needing specific media such as Vectors, Illustrations or Social Media Layouts to help you develop your work?

Are you looking for digital assets to improve your business?

Great! Either way you’re in the right post because in this Depositphotos Review you will see an outline of all the advantages this Content Marketplace offers.

Depositphotos: Millions of Media Assets

The platform is both for individual creators and for business, for personal and commercial purposes, and it’s very, very rich with multiple types of Stock Media.

Keep reading to get a complete overview of Depositphotos and how you can benefit from it!

You can also jump to any of Depositphotos features explained here in the post through this quick access list:

197+ Million Assets 488+ Thousand Music Tracks Advanced Search Tools
155+ Million Photos 44+ Million Artistic Visuals Standard License
8+ Million Videos 47+ Million Vectors/Templates Extended License

A Content Marketplace with MILLIONS of Media Assets!

Depositphotos is a content marketplace where you can choose from 197+ MILLION Stock Files, via subscription or on demand.

That includes Images (Stock Photography and Editorial Photos), Videos, Vectors, Illustrations, Social Media Templates, Graphics, Layouts, Music and Sound Effects!

The platform has clients in 192 countries, with 24/7 Support in 20 languages, and has an App for Android and iOS devices!

Depositphotos media files are royalty-free. But “royalty-free” doesn’t mean that you can download media for free. It means that you only have to pay once for the media, it’s a one-time license payment, free of extra charges.

Millions of Media Assets on Depositphotos for Web and Mobile

In case you need to use media files with merchandise, re-sale or on print runs by printing any downloaded media on thousands of copies (of T-shirts or postcards, for example), there are some number of copies restrictions you should be aware of, and you might need an Extended License.

So if you work with print runs, merchandise or re-sale see explanation about the Licenses of Depositphotos.

If that’s not your case, then keep reading to discover more advantages of this awesome Media Stock platform!

More Than 155,900,000 Photos

That’s right! On Depositphotos you can find more than 155 Million Photos at affordable prices to enrich your online and offline projects! That includes Stock Photography and Editorial Photos (see the difference between them below).


Stock Photography

Stock Photography are images taken by professional photographers and sold on a royalty-free basis (see the meaning “royalty-free” here in this post).

So, Depositphotos stores the great work of talented professional photographers and you can access it on the Stock Photography section of the platform. Stock Photography is used for many purposes, editorial and others.

Depositphotos has more than 141,100,000 Stock Photos divided in more than 30 categories and dozens of subcategories!

Editorial Photos

Editorial photography, as the name points out, is used on editorial publications such as articles from magazines and news websites to help illustrate them.

So when there’s a movie premiere where actors/actresses walk on red carpets or when there’s a press conference with a famous singer/band, usually there are hired professional photographers taking shots of the event. Later the official photos are used on articles covering the event.

So yes, you can purchase photos of famous people at press events on Depositphotos.

Other types of image such as Vectors and Graphics that are official images illustrating editorial articles are also Editorial Photos.

This type of photo is very useful to improve your social media posts and your original media projects because you get exclusive content that most people don’t have!

On Depositphotos you can actually purchase more than 14,800,000 Editorial Photos from exciting events from all over the world!

More Than 8,900,000 Videos

If you need video footage to boost your video editing projects, Depositphotos stores more than 8 Million Stock Videos divided in 9 major categories with dozens of subcategories!

Stock Videos are videos usually about 60 seconds long made for commercial purposes such as TV, Internet Advertising and Interface Design.

Millions of Videos at Depositphotos

Depositphotos has thousands of 4K videos, 1080p HD videos, 720p HD videos, 3D Animations, 2D Animations, Aerial View Videos and other formats that you can download.

More Than 488,600 Music Tracks/Audio Files/Sound Effects

On Depositphotos you can choose from more than 488 Thousand Music Tracks, Audio Files and Sound Effects for videos, ads, commercial trailers and other projects.

There are more than 20 Music Genres that you can choose from. You can also search by Music Moods and Music Length.

Even if you need Corporate Music for business projects, you’ll find what you need on Depositphotos!

Need sound effects for games or video intros? No problem! The platform has more than 30 Sound Effect Categories that you can choose from. You have at hand a wide Music Library with thousands of audio files at affordable prices!

More Than 44,000,000 Artistic Visuals


In case you need Artistic Visuals for your projects, Depositphotos has more than 44 Million Stock Illustrations, Paintings and Clipart files that you can choose from. That includes traditional and digital Art such as Illustrations, Drawings, Sketches and other formats.

Some Artistic Visuals categories you can access on Depositphotos are Classic Art, Cartoons, Pop Art, Computer Graphics, Watercolor and Acrylic works.

Just don’t confuse Artistic Visuals with Vector Graphics. Here’s why:

Artistic Visuals (if digital) come in JPEG format and there’s a limit of image size, so you can’t increase the image resolution without distorting it. On the other hand, Vector Graphics are made using Vectorization Software and you can literally scale the image to any size you want, so there’s no image size limit.

If you need Vector Graphics instead of Artistic Visuals, keep reading!

More Than 47,130,000 Vector Graphics/Design Templates/Layouts

On Depositphotos you can access a rich collection of icons, logos, pictures, layout designs, and social media templates in the section Vectors and in the section Templates, summing more than 47 Million Vector Graphics, Design Templates and Layouts!

In case you don’t know the difference between Vector Graphics, Templates and Layouts, here it is:

Vectors are graphics created with graphics editing software, the work is finished and you simply download the vector to use it. Layouts and Templates on the other hand are editable design frameworks that you can change and custom the way you like.

So on Depositphotos you can purchase Vector Graphics made by artists divided in multiple keywords and categories.

You also have the possibility to edit Layouts and Templates with Crello, a free Graphic Design tool to help you create impressive content in minutes.

By subscribing to Depositphotos plans or by purchasing media files on demand, you can have a limitless Media Stock with ready-to-use Vector Graphics but also thousands of digital assets that YOU CAN ACTUALLY EDIT & CUSTOM!


Advanced Search Tools to Discover Media

With all the millions of digital assets that Depositphotos has to offer, you can use its Advanced Search Tools to find media files more easily.

Even if you’re not really sure about what you’re looking for, the Search Tools are there to help you discover it!

Chances are you’ll end up finding media assets way better than the ones you had in mind in the first place. You can also find what you didn’t know you needed, but you needed!


Those are some of the Advanced Search Tools you have at hand on Depositphotos

  • Date added
  • Exclude Keywords
  • Clear Filters
  • Search All Images
  • Search Photos Only
  • Search Editorial Only
  • Search Vectors Only
  • Search Illustrations Only
  • Number of people on the Image
  • Image Color
  • Image Origin & Location (Country, Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Image Season (taken in Summer, Winter…)
  • Image Time of the Day (taken on the Day, Night…)
  • Image Orientation (Landscape, Portrait and others)
  • Search Videos Only
  • Number of people on the Video
  • Video Resolution (4K, 1080p, 720p)
  • Search Music Only
  • Music Mood

Standard License and Extended License

Plans for Business and Plans for Personal Projects on Depositphotos have the Standard License and Extended License.

See their definition below.

Standard License:

  • Default license
  • Works for all media types: Images, Video and Music
  • You can use downloaded files for personal and commercial purposes
  • Covers many uses, such as: marketing, books/eBooks, product packaging, User Interface designs on websites, advertising, digital use, newspapers and magazines
  • Print runs are limited to 500,000 copies

Extended License:

  • Only available for On Demand Downloads
  • Includes all permitted uses under the Standard License
  • Works for all media types: Images, Video and Music
  • You can use the downloaded files for re-sale or free distribution
  • No limits on print runs



That gives you a complete overview of all the advantages that Depositphotos has to offer! There you can purchase High-Quality Stock Photos, High-Quality Editorial Photos, High-Quality Stock Videos, High-Quality Vector Graphics Created by Professionals, High-Quality Stock Illustrations, Paintings & Clipart and High-Quality Creative Design Templates & Graphic Layouts.

Need professional quality media to improve your creative projects? You already know what to do:

Go to Depositphotos.

You can also share your thoughts in the comments below!

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