5 Electronics Every House Needs

What are the essential electronic devices every house must have? Let’s find out!

Technology evolution brought the development of many tech gadgets for home use that make daily life a lot more interesting.

Every year, new tech devices are developed. But certain home electronics are always necessary and can’t be completely replaced, unless by an improved version of themselves (meaning a smart home version of themselves).

From TVs to Refrigerators, houses require electronic devices for many different purposes. Because of technology evolution, there are some new devices that are a must-have for every house, such as Computers.

Smart tech or not, it’s good to know what you really must have at your home.

So let’s see what are the 5 electronics every house needs.

Electronics for the House that You Must Have

1. Computer

This one is a no-brainer: every house needs a computer nowadays!

With everyone living in Internet times, it’s very hard to work, study or get quick information access without a computer.

So, computers are definitely essential home electronics.

Five Electronics Every House Needs

It can be a Desktop, a Laptop or even a Tablet. As long as your home is “connected”, you’re good to go!

You might prefer a Laptop (a.k.a. Notebook) if you want to save some room space. Laptops are easier to carry around too, so if that’s a priority for you, pick a Laptop instead of a Desktop.

Tablets are also a great option if you need portability. By the way, in case you’re wondering: Tablets are indeed computers! They can be classified as mobile touchscreen computers without peripherals (things like mouse, keyboard and speakers).

Desktops are better if you work with very demanding computer tasks, such as video or photo editing, content creation or 3D design. Desktops are a great option if you’re a gamer.

But some Laptops are very powerful and work pretty well for demanding tasks.

You decide what’s best!

2. TV

TV Electronics Every House Needs

Televisions are essential because they’re entertainment devices. And everyone likes entertainment, right?

Even though computers can access streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix, a computer screen can never get as big as a TV! Not until now, at least!

And for family and friends reunions to watch a football game or a reality show together, a Laptop/Desktop computer as the main entertainment device can be a little harder to interact with than a cool 4K 1080p 50-inches TV.

Also, if you work or study on your computer at home very often, it’s good to “stay away” from the computer for a few hours. TVs are a great option to distract your mind with another device that’s not work-centered or study-centered.

So, a TV is a very important electronic device for your house!

3. Phone

Of course no house can be, literally speaking, completely off the hook.

Even though the Internet connects everyone with instant messaging apps, it’s important to be accessible via Phone Communication in case of emergencies.

That makes Phones (mobile or not) an essential home use device.

Phone Electronics Every House Needs

It can be a cell phone, a.k.a. smartphone, or a telephone which is the traditional wired phone (nowadays those are wireless too).

Also, with the use of VoIP technology, meaning “Voice over Internet Protocol”, it’s possible to use a telephone that works via connection to your Internet modem.

This way, if you get a VOIP Telephone, you can pay for the Internet connection and make phone calls with no extra fee. Cool, right?!

Of course a smartphone can replace a traditional telephone. After all, it does keep you connected to friends and family via text message and voice calls.

Not to mention that there are some cool smartphone apps that allow you to call people via WiFi connection for free as long as they have the same app installed on their smartphones.

You decide what works best for your house!

4. Refrigerator

Refrigerators are one of those electronic devices that were improved with smart home technology, but weren’t completely replaced.

It’s essential to have a Refrigerator in your kitchen! It keeps food safe from rotting and it keeps drinks cool.

Also, refrigerators are a way to have more storage space in your kitchen. Instead of getting a lot of shelves you can get a Refrigerator to store food and drinks.

Refrigerator Electronics Every House Needs

Not to mention that refrigerators help you increase the lifetime of vegetables and keep them fresh.

So, you can get a smart home Refrigerator with a lot of cool functions such as track the expiry date of the food they store, or you can get a traditional Refrigerator. You choose.

The point is: your house needs a Refrigerator!

5. Home Security System

And last but not least: your house needs a Home Security System.

It can be a Hardware Security System that includes security cameras and other surveillance devices such as alarms and motion detectors.

It can also be a Security Camera System, that’s a set of security cameras integrated by the same software and reporting to the same device (such as your smartphone, for example).

Home Security Systems connect to a monitoring device via Bluetooth® or via Wi-Fi. The monitoring device usually is a mobile phone, a computer, or both.

Home Security System Electronics Every House Needs

The monitoring device is operated by you or by professional monitoring (when you hire a professional Security Company to monitor your house for you).

Either way, it’s very important to have some level of Home Security implemented by Security & Surveillance devices, such as security cameras and alarm systems.

You decide what’s best!


Great! Now you know what are the essential electronic devices that no house can be without.

You also know why they are important and which are the options to consider when choosing one of them for your home.

Smart homes can be put together with a series of devices that are, in their essence, similar to traditional devices everyone used to have at home in old times, but much more improved now with technology advances.

But sometimes a traditional device is all a house needs, such as a kitchen’s Refrigerator! So, you decide what’s the best approach for your home: using traditional devices or smart home tech.

One way or another, the 5 items you’ve seen here are the essential home electronics!

You can share your thoughts in the comments below!

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