How Having a Tablet Improves Your Daily Life

Do you use a tablet in your daily life?

Tablets are very helpful portable computers?

A tablet can be compared to a notebook, it is easy to use and much larger than a smartphone. Tablets are similar to personal computers, plus they have intuitive and useful operating dynamics.

A tablet is not just for entertainment (though it fits this purpose very well). You can use a tablet to help in your daily activities, to work, to study, to multitask and even to play games.

The Benefits of Having a Tablet

If you want to learn more about the advanced features that tablets have or if you haven’t considered all the functions of your tablet as a helpful device for many activities, in this post you will understand how having a tablet improves your daily life.

Let’s get started.

How a tablet can improve your daily life

There are many ways to use a tablet in your daily activities. Tablets are lightweight and easy to carry. Chances are you usually do one or more of the things listed below and you could be using the features that a tablet offers to get things done faster, and even better: with a lot of portability!

Let’s see why.

Access media anywhere

Tablets have great storage space, usually starting at 32 GB. That’s a lot of “room” to keep your favorite media files. For example, with a tablet you can store digital books in formats such as PDF, DOC and ePUB (e-Reader format) to read anywhere you go. You can also store your favorite videos, movies and songs to watch or listen to whenever you want and wherever you want.

The Advantages of Having a Tablet

A tablet is also a great device to watch movies and series thanks to its bright and sharp display colors.
If you like to cook, you can use a tablet to consult any recipe, and also to download recipe books or recipe apps and a.k.a. cooking apps to use when making a dish, and better: to learn how to cook new dishes! That’s possible because tablets are big enough to be placed on any surface, such as a kitchen table or a kitchen cabinet/cupboard.

Also, if you like to practice home workouts and physical exercises, you can leverage from tablet big screens to watch follow-long YouTube videos home workouts. Another way to do that is to download home workout apps on your tablet to follow along whenever you want, always benefiting from the portable big screen that every tablet has.

Shoot photos and videos anywhere

Tablets with built-in cameras are great to shoot photos and record videos everywhere you go, that’s also an alternative if you don’t want to carry your came with you every time you go out (depending on your camera type that can be tricky), tablets fit backpacks and purses like a notebook and very portable.

You can also install apps on your tablet to improve its camera and make it work as a professional Mirrorless Camera or a DSLR. You can literally turn your tablet into a movie making machine with the right accessories. See our post A Guide to Use iPad as a Video Camera, this guide has tips that are great both for iPads and tablets from any brand, so don’t miss it out!

There are other things you can do to benefit more from a tablet camera:

  • When shooting photos or videos with a tablet, remember to place the tablet on its flat surface, and when you “click” to take the photo/video, hold your breath to prevent the shot from coming out shaky.

  • Remember not to zoom in too much when shooting with your tablet because the greater the zoom, the more chance of blurry images. If the focus subject of your photo/video is far away, get as close as possible.

  • When shooting with your tablet, try to take advantage of natural light because the camera flash of mobile devices ends up removing all the light contrast effects and usually makes people’s skin seem very pale.

  • You can use many accessories with your tablet, such as lenses and tripods, to get better results of your photos and videos.Why You Need a Tablet

Play video games anywhere

Another advantage of having a tablet is to be able to play video games anywhere. There are hundreds of games for mobile devices that you can download and play on a tablet. Another thing you can do is use your tablet to mirror a game on your TV.

For tablets with Playstation certificate, you can play well-known Playstation games, use touch commands and connect your PS3 console to play on the Tablet screen.

Also, Some tablets have both the trackpad and keyboard functionality, which is great for gaming.

In case you’re thinking about investing in a tablet for playing games, just remember to make sure that you get a tablet with a good processor and a RAM memory powerful enough to handle games smoothly and avoid game “crashing”. A tablet with an octa-core processor of about 2.8 GHz and a 6 GB RAM is an example that can handle more demanding games.

How a tablet can help you work and study

Tablets are great for work and study activities. They have a slim structure and can be easily carried in backpacks and bags, which allows you to read your study materials everywhere you go. They can be charged via USB type C.

Great Reasons to Have a Tablet

Also, tablets have Wi-Fi connectivity and 4G mobile network support (or higher) so you can do video conferencing with a tablet wherever you go (you may need an external microphone to get better sound quality). There are tablets that feature a pen to take notes during classes and make PDF or DOC text markings.

You can download multiple apps to help you study to manage your files and create checklists of tasks you need to complete, for example. Also, tablets have great image resolution that deliver text, videos and photos in HD.

In a classroom, you can use the tablet built-in camera to take pictures of the board during classes (if your teacher or professor allows, of course). Also, it is possible to access the Internet, open spreadsheets, documents, images and many other media types on a tablet. Cool, right?!

How a tablet can help you multitask

When it comes to multitasking, a tablet is a device that allows you to do much more than what you can do with a smartphone. There are tablets that have a multitasking system that supports the use of a split screen to make it easier to access information in more than one app at the same time. It can be connected to your computer as a second screen.

Tablets with more capable processors allow high-speed Internet browsing with almost instantaneous response time and good multitasking performance, providing a better multimedia experience. Another thing you can do is use an app to sync your tablet to your smartphone.

You can also choose a tablet that is equipped with a universal remote control for you to control other electronic devices in your home, this feature usually allows you to play content from the tablet on TVs with a simple touch.

If you need a tablet for multitasking you should look for one that has a good memory storage of at least 32 GB to install many applications and save many media files, such as photos, videos and music without constantly having to delete files to free memory space.

How You Can Benefit From a Tablet


Great! You know how to benefit from a tablet in many different ways! So, in case you’re considering investing in one, you have no reason to doubt it will be a great device to help you complete your daily activities. And if you didn’t think of your tablet as a helpful device for daily life tasks, now you know it: tablets are very powerful devices! So, benefit from all the features of your tablet!

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