How to Take Beautiful Photos of Your Dog

Do you have a dog? Have you ever thought about taking pictures of your dog as a record of special moments that you spend together? Taking pictures of your dog can be a lot of fun! Some dogs are calm and others are full of energy, making it possible to capture a variety of photos of their expressions and habits.

Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos of Dogs

You can post photos of your dog on your social media profile. Another thing you can do is take up a very popular hobby, which is creating a social media profile where you upload the best photos of your dog, as if your dog “owned” the social media profile. Now you will discover tips and techniques on how to take beautiful photos of your dog in a way that’s unforgettable!

Let’s get started!

Photographing your dog as the center of the photo

When you’re taking photos of dogs, it’s important to stay close to them because they need to be the main element of the final image and get all the focus when you shoot the photo.

Tips for Taking Dog Photography

If it’s necessary you can sit on the ground or something like to stay at the same height as your dog, and when you notice that your dog is approaching the camera don’t miss the chance to take many photos, then you choose the best ones later.

Also, observe the place where you’re taking photos. The color of your dog’s fur should be highlighted, so if you are photographing a black fur dog at home or in an apartment, look for a neutral background color.

Photos taken in parks and squares with a lot of green as background are very beautiful. Be careful with objects that can overload the background of your photo.

Sometimes in parks or green areas there are objects left by people. Check the entire environment of the photo to have a harmonic scenario.

Capture your dog’s personality in the photo

Dogs have their own behavior, so you can take photos of your dog’s personality. Many dogs are playful, others are stubborn, grumpy or lazy, it really depends on the dog’s breed and how a dog’s daily life is conducted.

You can capture details of your dog’s behavior that you think it’s going to look good in photos, this technique can result in amazing pictures. You can also take pictures of any special talents your dog has, such as a shaking water from their fur in just a few seconds or catching objects thrown in the air.

Explore different angles

Take photos that focus on different details: your dog’s face, eyes, ears and snout (the nose). Depending on your dog’s breed, focus on the details you find the most beautiful.

Depending on the breed, dogs behave quite differently. So, move your Camera in many angles and keep taking photos because each picture will differ from the other as dogs move a lot. So you can play with perspectives by working the focus as your dog moves around.

Bigger dogs look good for photos when they’re either standing or sitting, so you can take pictures from a very short distance. Smaller dogs look better on cushions, armchairs or in their sleeping baskets. When dogs are calm, you can photograph them from different angles.

Tips for Taking Better Photos of Dogs

Give your dog some snacks and toys to play with during the photo session

Some toys for pets can make a difference during the photo shooting. Also, most pets like snacks. So, you can give your dogs some treats while you’re taking photos so that they get more attentive to the camera.

Dogs like to play with Tug-of-War toys, it can also be with some piece of cloth, take a cloth with colored fabric and play with your dog, this will get you photos with more life.

Another interesting thing you can do is show dogs the toy they most like and then hide the toy, this action will cause funny reactions on the animal’s face that you can photograph.

Play with your dog to create a nice ambience for taking photos

Play with your dog a lot before starting the photo session to create a connection of joy so that your pet is more attentive to your commands. You can whistle and make sounds to attract your dog’s attention to you.

The moments when the dogs are playing and having fun are more suitable for taking natural photos. So take shots of spontaneous moments while your dog plays.

Capturing images in which dogs are smiling and looking at the camera is a magical moment. Try to make the photo session a fun moment for your dog. The more fun it is, the better the results will be.

When dogs play and make a lot of movements, they burn a lot of energy and eventually stop to rest. At this point, you may be able to take more close-up photos focusing on details of your dog’s face.

Important things to do for taking better photos of your dog

It’s important to search for photos of dogs on the Internet to find inspiration for shooting your own photos. Have patience, don’t take pictures in a rush.

Also, if your dog knows how to follow commands such as “Sit!”, “Stay!” or “Lie down!”, those are great moments to be photographed.

Tips on How to Take Photos of Your Dog in Daily Life

It would be better to take pictures of your dog with a Professional Camera because you can change the shutter speed to capture photos of your pet in motion. With this type of camera, you can also set up the lens to take photos at night, set up the lens aperture in a way that will blur the photo background, then try other camera settings.

Pay attention to where your dog is standing and include your dog’s entire body in the photo area to avoid cuts that make the photo look strange.

Also, observe the weather to do your photo session because on a hot day you will not get good photos as dogs are usually very thirsty. Cloudy days are ideal for taking photographs.

Techniques for Taking Photos of Dogs

Photograph your dog always from the same height (the camera perspective) and try to make your pet look at the camera or at you.

Also, lighting is very important. If you are taking photos of a dog with black fur, it’s good to have a fair amount of lighting if necessary to capture more details in the pictures.


Great! Now you know how to make the dog be the center of the photo, how to capture your dog’s personality in a photo, how to explore different angles to take photos at different moments and how to create the best ambiance to shoot amazing photos of your dog! So don’t hesitate to put what you’ve learned into practice!

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