How to Write a Script for an Animated Marketing Video

Do you work with video production for product marketing or other services? Have you ever thought about creating fast and animated videos as a marketing tool?

Gathering information about a product or service in a short video is now the most used type of digital marketing.

Short animated marketing videos seem to be easy to produce because they have a short viewing time, but they must deliver information that delivers concepts and details about a product or a service in an attractive way that convinces customers to purchase what is being advertised.

Tips on How to Plan Animated Marketing Videos

Writing a script to guide the production of this type of video is a great competitive advantage. Organizing the content of an animated video through a well-structured script that outlines all the steps to be followed during the creation is the secret for a successful final work.

In this post you will discover the benefits of using animated videos as a marketing strategy, what is the importance of writing a script for animated marketing videos and how to write a script for an animated marketing video to promote products or services.

Let’s get started!

Why Use Animated Videos as a Marketing Strategy

Animated video can communicate complex information in a simple way, they also create visual metaphors stimulating experiences on an emotional level. Animated marketing videos explain products or services in a funny way, they are easy to share and increase the marketing wideness.

They are useful in any marketing campaign because an animated video can be used on the landing pages of company websites or websites of personal brands, they can also be used in commercial business presentations and business infographics. An animated video optimized for mobile devices can be a great business tool to boost a marketing campaign.

Tips on How to Plan Animated Videos for Marketing

Also, animated video production is cheaper because you don’t have to cast actors, look for locations, schedule shooting times, hire staff, rent or buy equipment. It’s all about video editing and video animation.

Another advantage is that animated videos are customizable, so it becomes easier to adapt the concepts of a product or a service that you want to communicate to your customers. This means that you can remove or add anything you want. Unlike videos with “real-life” footage in which not all visual elements can be customized, in animated videos you can choose the color scheme according to the key message of the video.

Also, in animated videos for the internet it is possible to use vectors, icons, illustrations, charts and multiple other graphic resources that make the video information clearer and more understandable for the target audience.

The Importance of Writing a Script for an Animated Marketing Video

A script works as a chronological run-down of all the scenes of a video. Even though an animated marketing video is not a cinema movie that involves actors, studios, sets and other filmmaking elements, writing a script will guide the entire development of the animated video.

A good planning of the scenes, transitions and soundtrack, for example, is necessary so that the animated video has quality, and the script will help with that. With organization and logical sequence, your animated video production will portray the best message about any product or service.

4 Steps to Write a Script for an Animated Marketing Video

When writing the script for your animated marketing video, you must show to the viewers what’s your company or personal brand and which are the benefits of its products or services.How to Write a Script for an Animated Video for Marketing

Let’s see how to write an animated video script and guarantee the quality of your production so that it sends the right message to your target audience:

Step 1. Define the Purpose of Your Video

To define the purpose of your video you need to know which target audience you want to reach, what advantages of the product or service your video will show to the client, what emotio

Step 2. Define a Maximum number of Words for the Script

The ideal length for an animated video is 90 seconds, so try to limit the number of words of the script by using only the most important words to show your audience only what’s essential about the product or service.

To get an idea of the number of words your script must have, you can consider the following list:

Video Length Number of Words
45 seconds video From 90 to 110 words
60 seconds video From 120 to 170 words
90 seconds video From 200 to 250 words
02 minutes video From 250 to 300 words


Step 3. Chose a Method to Write the Script

Just to make it clear: you can write the script digitally (on a computer) or on paper, you decide what’s best! There are three common methods and to write a script for animated marketing video:

The Problem vs. Problem Solution Method: with this method you will explain the solution that the company/personal brand offers through a product or service in your animated video. So, the video must present a problem for your target audience and present the solution through the product/service benefits.

The Storytelling Method: another method for writing the script of an animated marketing video is through Storytelling. To do this, write a story that highlights the benefits of your products/service from the point of view of the customer with an emotional approach.

The Direct Explanation Method: this is a more straightforward method for an animated video script in which the intro of the video already shows the main message. Then, the key points of the solution offered by the product or service are explained and are highlighted again in the video conclusion.

Step 4. Outline the Design of Your Animated Video in the Script

You can write an outline of the animated video design considering the scene transitions, what will happen in each scene and how the story told will be developed. Even though animated marketing videos are short, they do need a beginning, a middle and an end.

You can use the script to sequence the scenes of your video through drawings with visual and audio elements when possible to build a richer video and help in the expansion of ideas adding more creative elements to the scenes.

5 Tips for Writing a Well-Structured Script for an Animated Marketing Video

There are a few things you can do to improve even more the quality of your animated marketing video script. Let’s see how.

1. Know the Basic Structure of a Script

The basic structure of an animated video script is divided into three types of questions. So remember that the script must have an answer for each one of the following questions:

What does the product or service offer or do? What will people get with the product or service?

How to Write Scrips for Animated Marketing Videos

How will the company or personal brand solve the problem of its target audience?

Why is the company or personal brand the best of the market? Why are the features and benefits of the products or service unique?

2. Make Short Videos

It has been proven that 85% of people watch an entire 30 seconds video, but only 50% will watch a video completely if it is 2 minutes long or more. So write a script that suits a short 30 seconds video.

3. Get to the Point

Deliver the benefits of the product or service and also the company/personal brand values right at the beginning of the video. This way you will not bore your audience before they have access to what the company/personal brand offers as solutions. When creating the animated video script, don’t try to explain everything the company/personal brand does, just get to the point right away.

4. Focus on Your Audience

When you’re writing the script for your animated video, remember to focus on your audience and don’t “lose track” of the key information. The most important thing in your video is to reach the target audience with the benefits of a product or service.

5. Have a Clear and Well Defined CTA

Something that cannot be left out of an animated video script is the Call to Action (CTA). That is, what action do you expect people who have seen the video to take during the video or after they finish watching it, such as “Visit Our Website” or “Click Here to Learn More About this Product”. So do some search about the best strategies to add CTA to your video the best way possible.

Writing a Script for an Animated Marketing Video


Great! Now you know why use animated videos as a marketing strategy, what’s the importance of writing a script for an animated marketing video, 4 steps to write a script for an animated marketing video and 5 tips for writing a well-structured script for an animated marketing video. So don’t hesitate to put what you’ve learned into practice!

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