Motion Graphics Design: Definition and Usage in Video Production

Do you know how motion graphics are used in video production?

Motion graphics design a.k.a. motion design or simply motion graphics is very useful for production of multiple types of video and for many different purposes, both for YouTube and other internet platforms and to be watched offline as well, such as on TV infomercials. Another use of motion graphics is for creating business marketing videos.

Understanding what motion graphics is a step forward that you can take to improve your video creations and your video editing techniques. If you’ve never created your own Visual Effects (VFX), you can start with motion graphics! This type of audiovisual content can be applied to pretty much any video you create!

Understand What Is Motion Design
Motion Graphics of a Rocket Flying

In this post you will discover what is the motion graphic design definition in video production and how you start creating your own motion graphics for your video projects!

Let’s get started!

What is motion graphics design

Motion graphics design is a type of design that animates graphic shapes so that they have movement. In video editing, motion graphics design is used to animate static images as visual effects that can either be added to live-action (videos shot in real life) or used to compose an entire video, created only with motion graphics animation + sound effects and background music.

This type of design is very useful for enriching visual communication in videos, which is why motion design has become more and more popular over the years, thanks to the evolution of video content creation for the Internet. Motion graphics design can be found in video games (especially 2D games), in movies, in advertising videos for services and products, in explanatory tutorial videos and more.

What Is Motion Design
Motion Graphics Movement Sequence

Unlike traditional 3D or 2D animation, in which characters are modeled using 3D techniques and set in motion frame by frame, motion graphics give movement to static graphic design assets, such as vector images, text, objects and shapes. That is not the same as giving life to 3D or 2D movie characters that usually belong to a narrative context, such as an animation movie that has storytelling (beginning, middle and ending).

The most popular types of motion graphics

Now let’s find out what are the most popular types of motion graphics design useful for video production and video editing:

Motion Collage

In a motion collage, multiple images are overlapping as if they had been cut from a magazine and literally “attached” to the screen, it’s like the images are popping out of the video. Those images are mixed with live-action footage (videos shot in real life). Motion collage graphics are popular in other types of design too, not just for video editing and animation. A motion collage includes many types of texture in their composition, they’re also created with a designed image noise and image grain to make the tone specific. Another feature of collages is that they are animated at low FPS rates (“FPS” meaning Frames per Second). The use of motion collage is common in animated explainer videos that are produced without live-action footage. In this type of video, the motion collage is used to illustrate the narrative explanation (voice-over audio).

What Are Motion Graphics

Liquid Motion

This type of animation makes all static elements move as if they were liquid (made of water). The static elements animated with liquid motion are usually vector images or illustrations. It is necessary to add a lot of particles in the composition of liquid motion animations to generate the effect of liquid movement (as if the image is underwater). Also, the color scheme used is very specific, it’s usually a set of Analogous Colors, Triadic Colors or Complementary Colors. To create liquid motion, you will need the particle builder tool from a Post-Production Software.

Isometric Animation 

The goal of this type of motion graphics is to give a 3D aspect and dimension to graphic assets without the need to create 3D objects through 3D modeling. The purpose of isometric animations is to give the impression that the graphic assets are inside a 3D space, it is necessary to add symmetry in the angles of the objects that compose this type of animation. This type of motion graphics is a little complex. That’s because a software for 3D object creation is necessary for composing isometric animations.

Flat Motion

This type of motion graphics is composed of 2D “flat” graphic assets that are animated to move on the screen. It’s like a 2D animation. Infographics and marketing videos use this type of motion graphics a lot. The colors in flat motion animations are usually of the Cool Colors group (in terms of color temperature), they don’t have too much saturation and not too many effects.

How to start creating your own motion graphics

To create your own motion graphics, you can start by editing the videos and hiring a professional illustrator to complete the work with you (if necessary). It’s not difficult to start your motion graphics creation work and add them to live-action footage (videos shot in real life).

Motion graphics are usually put side by side of icons to represent something in an animation. You can use the ready-made icons in your Video Editing Software or you can use icons that you build with photo editing programs, such as an editing software similar to Photoshop or Illustrator. Simply choose a photo editing software that allows you to work shapes and vectors.

How to Create Your Own Motion Graphics

Don’t worry about knowing how to draw on paper (pencil drawing) to make motion graphics, you can use geometric shapes tools in graphic creation software or within Video Editing Software. You can learn to use non-linear video editing software and post-production software. Search for different motion design creation techniques on the Internet, you can try out different types of motion design.

You can see our Advantages Guides for multiple video editing and video post-production software, as well as design software if you want to get started in this area.

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Great! Now you know what motion graphics design is, what are the most popular types of motion graphics and how to start creating your own motion graphics. So don’t hesitate to put what you’ve learned into practice!

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