The Best Sites of Free Photoshop Graphic Assets

Are you a graphic designer or a photo editor that works with Photoshop? Do you want to have access to graphic resources for your projects totally for free?

If you are looking for this type of content, in this post you will discover where to download thousands of free Photoshop brushes, textures, patterns and more!

With the resources of the free sites explained here, you can combine photos, graphics and text to create totally new images and use the free media to enhance your projects in Photoshop or any software that reads PSD files.

Let’s see the best sites of free Photoshop graphic assets.

Top Best Sites Where You Can Download Free Photoshop Graphics


On Brusheezy you find thousands of Photoshop graphic resources created by artists that can be used in design projects for free.

Brusheezy is a site that has a community of designers who share their ideas and resources by creating an interaction between members. In addition to having access to the graphic resources for your works in Photoshop, you can also share and promote your own graphics!

The graphic resources you share on Brusheezy can be licensed by Creative Commons and you will have control over how they are used. Also, every media file on Brusheezy is under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) both for files you download and for files that you share on Brusheezy.

Now you will see a summary of Brusheezy licenses and their rules. You can find all the details about every Brusheezy license on Brusheezy License & Usage Explanation by Brusheezy Support.

Brusheezy Licenses and Usage

On Brusheezy, it is the license that will determine how you will use a free Photoshop graphic asset. Let’s see a brief summary of Brusheezy licenses:

Brusheezy Standard Licensing: this license is the most common because it’s free and allows you to make changes to the file to produce other material. However, author attribution must be provided. See the complete rules in the article What is attribution? How and when should I give attribution? by Brusheezy Support.

Brusheezy Premium Licensing: this is a paid license without author attribution requirements.

Brusheezy Community Licensing: all free assets from the Brusheezy community require attribution but if you’re a Premium User you don’t need to provide attribution. You can use a free graphic asset from the Brusheezy community, but you cannot redistribute it in products. For example, you can use a logo image on your website but you cannot use it on products you sell.

Brusheezy Editorial Licensing: the graphic resources produced under this license must be used to complement or illustrate articles and publications. The images in this license cannot be downloaded for personal use, private use or for commercial use and cannot be sold, altered or redistributed.

Creative Commons Licenses on Brusheezy: this type of license has many categories and individual artists must be assigned to use it, images cannot be purchased. Only a small percentage of Brusheezy files fall under this license. The complete explanation about Creative Commons Licenses can be found in the Brusheezy License & Usage Explanation by Brusheezy Support.

You can get more details about how to use Brusheezy content by visiting Brusheezy Support and by reading the Brusheezy Terms of Use.

Great Sites of Free Photoshop Assets


Pngtree is a website that was created with the aim of helping designers around the world. On Pngtree you will find a large collection of graphic resources in PSD format that are free with transparent background, which you can use directly in your poster, flyer design or slide presentation.

In case you don’t know, Photoshop stores files in the PSD format (meaning “Photoshop Document”) that allows you to save all stages and levels of work without loss and keep working on the same project for as many days as you need. So when you download a free PSD file, you can edit it in Photoshop for any software that supports the PDS format.

To download the free PSD files you must create an account on Pngtree, which is free too. You need to follow Pngtree usage rules.

Now you will see a summary of how to use Pngtree free content without breaking any rules. You can get the complete explanation about Pngtree rules of usage and by reading the Pngtree License and by reading the Pngtree Terms of Service.

Rules of Usage of Pngtree Content

Pngtree has rules of usage for its free Photoshop graphic assets:

  • PSD files are available only for Premium Members, free downloads of PSD files are available in PNG format

  • Limit of 2 download per day

  • Print sales are not allowed

  • All files require attribution. After you click on the “Download PNG” button on the download page (where you preview the file individually before downloading it) or after you click on the button “PNG” on the search page (where all files are put together side by side) you will see the details of how to attribute when you click on a yellow exclamation mark that appears next to the text line “Attribution required” above the button “Free download”. Remember that the PSD format is only for Premium Members.

  • The user will not impersonate another user

  • The user agrees not to take any action that could damage, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the website or its Services

  • It is prohibited to use robots or any other application to control any part of the website

Pngtree grants the user with an account on the website the non-exclusive, non-transferable, permanent right to use, modify and reproduce the content of the downloaded PSD worldwide as permitted by the applicable license.

The Best Sites to Get Free PSD Textures Brushes and More

Users of the Free Plan can obtain license rights to Pngtree content: the content of the image is for personal use and commercial use, but commercial use must indicate the source or attribution. Also, printing in physical format for sale is prohibited.

You can obtain Pngtree Premium Plan that is paid and authorizes the use of images in the following situations: digital reproductions, including on websites, online advertising, social networks, mobile device ads, mobile apps, software and more. Printed in physical form as part of packaging and art labels, letterhead and business cards, CD and DVD covers, T-shirts and mugs, as long as each image is copied a maximum of 50 times.

The Team Premium Plan gives companies and their employees the right to use Pngtree content for physical prints (collectively called “goods”), including, but not limited to, textiles, art, magnets, murals, calendars, toys, stationery, greeting cards and any other physical reproduction for sale or distribution, not exceeding 500,000 copies.


Freepik is a website that was developed out of the wish to create a platform where designers could find graphic resources for free. The best thing about this site is the quality of the graphics that are offered.

There are many possibilities for graphic resources offered in the PSD format by Freepik.

PSD (Photoshop Document) is an image format created with Photoshop that supports multiple image options and layers. PSD files support vector images, pixel-based images and fonts.

On Freepik, you will have access to content owned by Freepik, to content owned by third parties who are contributors of the site, and to content from third parties that are sponsored.

Now you will see a summary of Freepik rules of usage that apply to all its content.

Freepik Rules of Usage

Attribution is required for every free file. You can find the complete explanation of how to provide attribution by reading the article Attribution: How, when and where? written by Freepik Support.

The use of Freepik content will be free as long as its use is attributed to the company. To avoid having to attribute the content, the user must purchase a subscription. Also, users are prohibited from authorizing third parties to use Freepik content.

The user can allow third parties to use the content of the Freepik Content, with the following conditions:

When a third party requests a service from the user, a limited number of items within the Freepik Content are allowed.

Where to Download Free PSD Photoshop Assets

The authorization granted by the user to third parties is in writing and complies with all restrictions of the user’s authorization to use the relevant content in the Freepik Content.

None of the content of the Freepik Content subject to authorization shall be used as the main element in printed or electronic items intended to be resold by the third party.

The production of goods or provision of services by the User to third parties is not done by automatic means, it is tailor-made for the third party.

The User -and not the third party- chooses the specific items within the content of the Freepik Content to be used in the production of goods or provision of services to third parties.

The User is not authorized to distribute, resell or rent any content from the Freepik Content.

When any content of Freepik Content is marked or identified as editorial use, the user must follow the rules of Editorial Use and undertake not to use that content in a manner that implies advertising, marketing or commercialization of any product or service.

You can get the complete explanation on Freepik Legal which contains Freepik Terms of Use, Freepik License Agreement and more. You can also visit Freepik Support to get more details, there you will see a series of sections with frequently asked questions answered, and other useful information.


Great! Now you know where to download thousands of Photoshop free graphics! So don’t hesitate to check the sites explained here and start your next project!

You can also share your thoughts in the comments below!

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