The Best Sites of Free Vector Images

Do you need vector images for your design projects?

Great! Now you will see where to download many types of vector images, all completely free! You will finish reading this post with a list of sources to get thousands of free vectors!

Also, the sites ahead allow you to edit the vector graphics you download, and commercial use is permitted. We will get into details about how you can use the free vector images of those platforms.

This type of graphics is useful for multiple design projects, such as developing company logos, marketing banners, charts, video thumbnails and more.

Let’s see the best sites of free vector images.

Best Sites to Download Free Vectors


The first site where you can download thousands of free vector images is Pixabay. You can type any search term you want in the Pixabay search bar to filter results, you can also choose from the many image resolutions in the download page.

Common vector image formats in Pixabay are PNG and SVG, most graphic design software support those formats. It’s not necessary to create a Pixabay account to finish any download. Just remember that there is one “I’m not a robot” captcha verification you need to complete every time you download a file, and to skip that step you actually need to create an account and log in (which is completely free too).

Now you will see a summary of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed with the free vector graphics that you can get from Pixabay. The summary ahead shouldn’t replace your reading of the Pixabay License and the Pixabay Terms of Service.

Places to Download Completely Free Vector Graphics
A Vector Image for Commercial Use

What’s allowed

  • You can download and use all free vectors from Pixabay for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • You can change (edit) the free vector graphics from Pixabay.
  • You can use the free vectors in your projects without naming the author (which means attribution is not required).
  • You can attribute the author if you want, which is very appreciated by the creative community on Pixabay.

What’s not allowed

  • You can’t sell copies of the free vector images that you didn’t alter, in other words you can’t sell exact copies of free vector images.
  • You can’t redistribute the free vector images from Pixabay on other free stock sites (such as the other free download sites shown here in this post)
  • You can’t use free vector images with identifiable brands to make it seem as if you’re somehow associated with a product or service.

So take some time to check Pixabay free vectors, you will definitely find great content there!


One more site where you can download thousands of free vectors is Vecteezy. The most common Vecteezy vector formats are EPS and AI, so you need a software program that supports this file format, such as Adobe Illustrator.

There is one advantage of Vecteezy over the other two free vector sites shown here: on Vecteezy you can choose free vectors by category, which are already divided by the platform. This can speed up the search process very much!

Some of the categories you can choose from on Vecteezy are: backgrounds, banners, icons, arrows, borders or business cards and infographics.

Free Vector Images to Download Best Sources
An Artistic Vector Image

You don’t need to create a Vecteezy account to download free vector images, but be aware that you must provide attribution for all free downloads by placing an attribution link in your designs when you use a free vector. The attribution link is provided by Vecteezy when you download a free vector.

The only way to avoid that is to subscribe to Vecteezy paid plan, which doesn’t require author attribution.

You may notice that when you’re choosing from a category, there will be an option to filter only vector graphics from the Free License, and an option to filter only vectors from the Paid License. Use those filters to speed up your search process.

Vecteezy is under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). You can get more details of how to use Vecteezy free content correctly by visiting the Vecteezy Frequently Asked Questions and by reading the Vecteezy License Agreement.


Another great source of free vector images is Pngtree, where you can download thousands of free graphics. There you also find icons, clipart, backgrounds and more.

Where to Download Free PNG Vector Images

Be aware that you must create a Pngtree account (which is free too) and be logged in to download the free vectors.

The free account on Pngtree has some restrictions:

  • You have a download limit of 2 files per day.
  • Print Sale is not allowed.
  • Attribution is required for all free files.

You need a paid subscription of Pngtree to access unlimited downloads, unlock print sale authorization and use the vector images without attribution requirements. Also, each free vector has specific restrictions, in the download page you can check if commercial use is allowed or not.

The most common file format of free vectors on Pngtree are PNG and PSD, so you need a software program that supports PNG files (most graphic design software and photo editing software do) or Photoshop to read the PSD file (though there are online editors that support PSD files).

To get more information about how to use Pngtree free media, please read the Pngtree License Terms and the Pngtree Terms of Service.


One more great site where you can get thousands of free vectors is Freepik. They offer free vector images, free sets of vector icons, vector labels and other types of vector graphics.

The most usual vector formats you find on Freepik are EPS and AI. So you need a software that supports those image files, such as Adobe Illustrator. You don’t need to create an account to download free vector graphics on Freepik.

However, pay attention to the type of search you do inside Freepik because there are Premium vectors too, which you will have to pay for to finish the download. Also, attribution is required for every free vector image. You can find the complete explanation of how to provide attribution by reading the article Attribution: How, when and where? written by Freepik Support.

Download Free Vectors
Another Artistic Vector Image

Also,every time you choose a free vector to download on Freepik, you can see how to include the attribution in the button “How to attribute?“, where all the details are explained too.

Visit Freepik Support to understand better what are the usage guides, the copyright rules, the Freepik licenses and more. Also, visit Freepik Legal for more information about how to use their free content.

By taking some time to understand the rules better you surely will benefit from Freepik great free vector images!


Great! Now you know where to download many free vector images for your design and graphic projects! So don’t hesitate to check those platforms and see what you discover there!

You can also share your thoughts in the comments below!

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