The Essentials of Traveling Photography Gear

Do you need a photo gear pack to take photos while you travel?

Or do you want to complete the photo gear you take to your outdoor adventures?

Either way, you’re reading the right post because we will cover all about travel photography equipment in this checklist guide! Chances are you have one item or another that’s already part of your travel photo gear and you don’t know it!

If not, in this post you will discover what items you need.

Let’s see what are the essentials of traveling photography gear.How to Put Together a Pack of Traveling Photography Gear

First of all: you need a digital camera

Though it may seem obvious, the first item you need to take photos while traveling is a good digital camera, those that professional photographers use. That means you won’t be using a smartphone or a tablet as your primary travel camera.

Here’s why:

Digital Cameras shoot with a lot more resolution, which grants you photos with more details.

Also, you get a lot more control over the light exposure of the shooting scene (both during day and night), thanks to the advanced controls of digital cameras .

Digital Camera for Travel Photography

So, a Mirrorless Digital Camera or a DSLR camera may be better to take with you on the road because they can grant awesome photoshoots and high photo quality, especially if you’re traveling to nature-full environments such as green areas and beaches.

Of course you shouldn’t completely ignore your phone or tablet’s camera, just remember it will be useful for spontaneous photos such as selfies.

But it won’t be for the high resolution detail rich photos of special places you shoot while you travel.

For those you need a good digital camera.

Then, get a travel tripod

Travel Tripod for Traveling Photography

With a digital camera in hand, the second item you need is a Travel Tripod. Those are made to be portable and very resistant and they’re essential to help you take photos of landscapes and wide areas because they grant your photos a lot more stability.

This way, you avoid taking blurry or shaky shoots.

You can get a carbon fiber travel tripod that’s very steady and resistant.

Also, there are travel tripod kits that have Extra Accessories, such as a tripod mounting tools, replacement pieces and tripod bags

Don’t forget about storage and backups

There’s one thing that’s very easy to forget sometimes: we tend to take hundreds of photos while traveling, and that can fill up the camera memory very quickly!

So you don’t want to be on the middle of a perfect photo shooting moment and read the warning “No More Memory Space” on your camera screen!

To avoid that, you can get a portable hard drive, such as an SSD or a HDD, with at least 128GB of storage space. Then you can transfer all the memory card files to the portable hard drive.

Another thing we tend to forget is that digital camera memory cards can get damaged during trips due to all the movement they’re exposed to while being taken from place to place, and also during transport moments, be it by car, bus or airplane.

So it’s always good to backup all the photos you take while traveling to another device other than just the camera itself.

You don’t want to get home from your trip and discover that your photos were partially or fully lost because your camera’s card got damaged while stumbling from side to side within your travel bags, right?!

That’s another great reason to get a portable hard drive, be it a SSD or a HDD.

Portable Drives Memory Cards and Laptop for Travel Photo Backup and Storage

You can get extra memory cards for your camera too. This way, you avoid having to clear your camera’s memory card every time you need more storage space or a file backup.

Both methods will work, it’s up to you to decide what’s best.

Don’t forget to take a laptop or a tablet to your trip to manage the file transfers between your camera, the external hard drive and the extra memory cards.

To complete the pack: camera bags and travel bags

The last essential items you need to take to your on-the-road adventures are Camera Bags and Travel Bags. This way you can keep your photography gear apart from all your other stuff and increase it’s security.

Camera Bag and Travel Bag for Traveling Photo Gear

Also, it’s great to have special travel bags to help you pack up your travel photo gear and take it wherever you go during your trip in total security. You don’t want to carry your digital camera and other accessories in your hands all the time, right?!

So, that completes your travel photography gear set up.

Of course there are other things you can take to your trips as your photo gear, such as LED lights, extra camera batteries and extra camera lenses.

But as far as essentials are concerned, you’re good to go!

You already know how to pack up the essential gear bundle and your travel photos will improve a lot!

However, there is one more thing you can do: edit your photos. It’s a lot easier than you think.

The cherry on top: edit your travel photos!

Great! You’re ready to take awesome photos on the road and make full photo albums of your trips!

The cherry on top to finish it all up with elegance is adding some basic edition to your photos, which can improve them a lot. This way your traveling best moments will be ready for sharing on Social Media.

Basic photo editing such as light correction, contrast adjustment and color filter adding is very easy to do, and there are many software programs out there that make this process much simpler!

You don’t even need to install software if you don’t want to because there are online websites and smartphone apps that allow you to edit your photos very quickly!

If you’re a newbie to photo editing, you can watch Tutorials on YouTube. You can surely learn the basic tricks in a flash!

So don’t hesitate to give it a try and see what results you can get.

You won’t regret it!

You can also share your thoughts in the comments below!

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