9 Things Every Gamer Needs for the Complete Setup

Do you need a complete gaming gear kit?

It’s ideal that you get gaming accessories that are specially made for gamers, and not just standard equipment with RGB LED systems and a gamer hardware structure but with internal technology that is not really for games.

In addition, it is important to remember that this post will indicate peripherals and accessories for games assuming that your computer is for gaming, laptop or desktop, with the necessary hardware resources for gaming.

In this post you will discover what are the 9 things every gamer needs for the complete setup. You will find out how to build an advanced gamer setup that focuses on peripherals and accessories that will offer you features to play like a pro!

Let’s get started.

1. Gaming Monitor

The first peripheral that can greatly improve your gamer set up is a gaming monitor. There are many features you can search for when choosing a gaming monitor, such as a bigger screen size, a lower response time or even the monitor dimensions.

A Guide for the Complete Gaming Setup

You can also get a high refresh rate monitor because it has lower response time that grants better gameplays, especially in FPS games because monitors with low response times perform better and deliver data faster (in this case, the data is the game itself). Also, a high refresh rate monitor displays the characters movements more smoothly, so you will be able to play better and in a more competitive way.

This extra smoothness of gaming monitors is very useful for gaming computers of high processing power, that’s because there’s no point in having a computer with advanced processing hardware if the peripherals are unable to follow up on the processing speed of your computer. So if you have a more advanced video board

Another thing you can do is get a monitor arm to keep your gaming monitor at a more comfortable height for playing games because depending on the height of your table the monitor can be placed too low and it’s difficult to play for a longer time. Your eyes need to look at the top of the monitor, not at the center, and a monitor arm can help you with that.

2. Gaming Mouse + Mousepad

It is very important to have a gaming mouse as part of your gaming equipment because this type of mouse is more robust, it has more durability, it has extra buttons to enhance the “gameplay”, it has a higher capture rate and greater DPI rates and is more cost-effective. That’s a lot of advantages offered by one single device!

A gaming mousepad it’s an accessory that doesn’t connect directly to your computer but supports the mouse and keyboard simultaneously.

How to Build a Complete Gaming Setup

This type of mousepad is much larger and more durable than standard mousepads. In addition, it’s much more comfortable to play for hours with the support of a gaming mousepad because it prevents the computer from sliding all the time.

3. Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

In addition to the other peripherals, you need a mechanical gaming keyboard, which has a keyboard switch with high durability and is more ergonomic to play. Mechanical gaming keyboards have a lower response time (they work fast), they also have more speed, accuracy and durability and are designed with the technology and materials required for high performance gaming. The durability and performance of a mechanical gaming type of keyboard is always better than the standard keyboards.

4. Gaming Controller a.k.a. Gamepad

Essentials of the Complete Gaming Equipment

There is one more device that can be added to the list of a complete equipment set up for advanced gaming: controllers a.k.a. gamepads. Gamepads are no longer the main difference between computers and game consoles, nowadays you can get a controller for your gaming computer to play with it instead of using a gaming mouse + keyboard. Also, controllers work better for some types of games, and they offer durability and compatibility.

5. Gaming Audio

Your gaming audio device can be either gaming headset (ear pads + microphone) or standard speakers + an external microphone. Gaming headsets deliver balanced sounds and cover the ears, they also feature noise canceling to reduce the sound disturbing external noises. In addition, they are durable and comfortable.

You can also choose to get speakers for your computer, be it laptop or desktop, so you will have more audio power and comprehensiveness of the game sounds in the environment where you stay while playing. The speakers emit sounds with more volume than a headset as the sound is outward.

Both gaming headsets and the computer speakers will guarantee you immersion audio when you’re playing, that is, you will enter the atmosphere of the game when you hear its sounds with higher quality.

6. Gaming Furniture

The most important items of gaming furniture that you need are: a gaming desk and a gaming chair. Those will make your gaming time much more comfortable. Gaming chairs help a lot in your posture while playing. A gaming desk will have the ideal proportions to fit your computer and gaming peripherals. A gaming desk will be a great investment in any gaming environment.

7. eSports Simulation Gear

A step forward that you can take is getting eSports gear for your gaming equipment, that’s a type of gear with the design and engineering for simulating some types of sports, such as racing and airplane flights, they’re usually connected to a TV instead of a computer.

Essentials Checklist of a Complete Gamer Setup

Those are some of the simulation devices that you can get:

  • Driving Simulation Gear
  • Racing Simulation Gear
  • Space Simulation Gear
  • Flight Simulation Gear
  • Farm Simulation Gear

8. Streaming Equipment

To stream your games you will need a Webcam for Streaming so that you can simply plug it into your computer and stream it, the point of having a Webcam for Streaming is that they record at 60fps, a much smoother type of video that increases game immersion.

How to Set Up a Complete Gaming Gear

Another thing you may need is a Streaming Software to help you share your gameplays with your audience the best way possible.

9. Gaming Apparel

Yep! Maybe you didn’t think about this possibility, but there are apparel (clothes) made specially for gamers! You can complete all your gaming setup with high-quality, advanced apparel that’s designed for active players! One example of this type of apparel is a gamer lightweight portable poly jacket that packs into its own pocket.


Great! Now you know how to put together a complete gaming equipment that is advanced and efficient!

So don’t hesitate to put what you’ve learned into practice to get your complete gaming gear!

You can also share your thoughts in the comments below!

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