VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro for Video and Audio Editing: The Complete Advantages Guide

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Do you need a high quality video editing software?

Awesome! In this Advantages Guide you will see the benefits of the new VEGAS Edit [includes VEGAS 19] and the new VEGAS Pro [includes VEGAS 19 + VEGAS Stream in the Subscription Plan version + SOUND FORGE Audio Studio + Boris FX Primatte Studio].

Both versions have powerful tools for video editing, audio editing and much more!

The new VEGAS Pro is powered and developed by MAGIX, it has many new exclusive features, such as Ultra HD 8K Support, Artificial Intelligence assisted editing tools, professional audio editing tools, HDR color science and more!

Let’s see all about the different versions of VEGAS Pro and what they offer.

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System Requirements



VEGAS Subscription Plans [1 Month/12 Months]

System Requirements

These are the recommended system requirements for HD editing in VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro:

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better with 2.5 GHz and 4 Cores
  • GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX or GTX 9XX series or higher with 4GB
  • RAM: 16GB AMD/ATI® Radeon with 4GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8GB for HDR and 32 bit projects)
  • Hard drive: 1.5GB hard-disk space for program installation

These are the recommended system requirements for 4K editing in VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro:

  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 10
  • CPU: 7th Generation Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or better with 3.0 GHz and 8 Cores
  • GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX or GTX 9XX series or higher with 4GB (8GB RTX series recommended for 8K)
    AMD/ATI® Radeon with 4GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8GB for HDR and 32 bit projects)
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Hard drive: 1.5GB space for program installation, solid-state disk (SSD) for media files.

Additional system requirements information for VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro:

  • Internet connection: required for downloading, registering and validating the program, as well as for some program functions.
  • 4K & 8K editing: Proxy workflow can be used to expedite 4K & 8K editing on all machines with recommended specs for HD
  • Program languages
    • English
    • Deutsch
    • Español
    • Français


VEGAS EditVEGAS Edit offers video editing for everyone through VEGAS Pro 19. The difference between VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro is that VEGAS Edit doesn’t include SOUND FORGE Audio Studio for audio editing, it doesn’t include VEGAS Stream for Live Streaming, and it doesn’t include Boris FX Primatte Studio for advanced chroma keying [all included in VEGAS Pro].

We will get the detailed explanation about VEGAS Pro 19 features ahead in the post when we cover VEGAS Pro [the software package].

In summary, VEGAS Edit offers, through VEGAS Pro 19:

  • Professional and easy-to-use video editing tools for creating from simple vlogs to cinematic masterpieces

  • More than 390 effects such as blurs, flares, lens, glitch and mesh warp

  • Wide format support range

  • Event editing: trim, time stretch, slip, shuffle, reverse, slide and more

  • Titles and transitions: 2D and 3D transitions such as wipes, dissolves, warps, waves, reveals & cross effects.

  • Color correction: input and output LUTs, color match effect, preset color filters, precise correction with color wheels, channels, HSL controls & curves.

  • Video repair: video noise removal, video stabilization black bar fill, flicker filter.

  • Record and capture: multiple video & audio sources, desktop capture, NDI sources.

  • Audio editing: multichannel mixer, reverbs & echoes, equalization tools, VST support.

  • Social media export.


VEGAS Pro is a modern and advanced Non-Linear Editor (NLE) with millions of users. It delivers global industry-leading video editing technologies, always focusing on achieving the highest standards of tech demands.
The new VEGAS Pro includes:

  • VEGAS Pro 19 for video editing

  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio for audio editing

  • Boris FX Primatte Studio for advanced chroma keying

You can be a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced video editor or video producer. Either way, VEGAS Pro is the right software to help you choose the best editing effects to your specific needs and also to help you perfect your editing skills even more.

Let’s see the features of VEGAS Pro 19 in detail [included in VEGAS Pro].

Video Editing Features

VEGAS Pro 19 has special editing features that lets you focus on your creativity more than on how to use editing tools:

  • Video Stabilization that corrects shaky videos to result in smooth and stabilized videos

  • Motion-Tracking Workflows built directly into VEGAS Pro to change the dimensions of text and other objects as its perspective changes. Track and obscure unwanted objects, licence plates and faces.

  • Multicam Editing that allows switching between limitless video sources and interacting with keyboard command and mouse click, resulting in easy edit multi-camera productions.

  • Flicker Control Filter that reduces and removes flickering from video footage, usually caused by neon lights and other sources. You can also use this filter to add a flicker special effect.

  • Nested Timelines that help you organize projects even more and get an even faster workflow.

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  • Storyboard and timeline synchronization: edits made in the timeline are synced to the storyboard. Also, all changes you make to the main storyboard reflect automatically in the timeline.

  • Split screen preview for comparing color correction and effects against original footage

  • Video & Screen Capture: integrated video source, screen and audio capture including NDI sources

  • Bézier Masking: you can mask freehand and with complex shapes. That’s a great tool to apply a blur effect to a video background and highlight its central subject (person or object), for example.

  • Adjustment tracks: adjust opacity envelopes across multiple tracks, add enhanced effect chains

  • Titling: create stunning text and titles with customizable presets

  • Subtitle support: burn SRT subtitles directly into your videos

  • 360° video: set pan, rotation, tilt, zoom and lens correction

  • Video noise reduction: make grainy video become cleaner footage

  • Customized workflow, shortcuts & layouts

  • Scripting API

  • Scene detection: detect scene changes for speedy editing

  • Keyframing & automation control

  • Unlimited video & audio tracks

Special Effects Features

VEGAS Pro 19 has great special effects features to create unique and original videos:

  • Choose from hundreds of effects, transitions, filters and titles

  • Optical-Flow Slow Motion that implements native silky-smooth slow motion to your videos

  • Colorization: you can color archival footage originally shot in black and white! This filter is driven by Artificial Intelligence

  • Warp Flow Transition: this tool creates a Sci-fi morphing transition between videos or video clips (pieces of the same video)

  • Style Transfer: another effect powered by Artificial Intelligence that stylizes your videos in a way that they look as if they were painted by an artist, like a painting by Van Gogh or Picasso

  • Mesh Warp: with a grid of points to create a map of your video, you can stretch and tweak your footage in multi-ways, develop Sci-fi effects and correct image distortions

  • Compositing modes: VEGAS Pro makes it possible for you to assign media tracks as parent or child tracks, then you can apply effects to create custom lighting and textured looks. You can layer video and image with alpha support and blending modes

  • OpenFX architecture: VEGAS Pro stream of leading-edge plug-ing has a wide variety of special effects with the Open Effects Association platform, a modern technology of video effect plug-ins from third-party developers

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Audio Editing Features

With VEGAS Pro 19 you get professional audio editing features:

  • Record, edit and mix camera audio with natural sound

  • Automate audio mixes with full control over audio effects, volume, bussing, panning, and more

  • Create original sound effects and mix with stock sounds


Color Grading & Color Correction Features

VEGAS Pro 19 has awesome color grading features:

  • HDR color correction

  • HDR10 & HLG in ACES 1.2 color space

  • White & black point correction.

  • Input LUT

  • Look LUT

  • Import & export LUTs

  • Auto presets

  • Color correct and color grade in multiple tracks

  • Log color correction and color grading

  • Range limited color wheels

  • RGB color curves

  • Professional HDR video scopes

  • Lift, Gamma, Gain and Offset

  • HSL adjustment

  • Vector skin tone line

  • Tetrahedral interpolation

  • RAW high dynamic range video transformation into unforgettable scenes

This way, you can add cinematic effects to your videos and also boost its color schemes and make them look better!

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Delivery Features

VEGAS Pro 19 has features to improve the final delivery that will boost your editing projects eve more:

  • Smooth previews

  • Fast rendering with GPU acceleration

  • Customizable encoding options and formats

  • Render queue

  • Proxy workflow that allows you to benefit from faster playbacks of high-resolution videos

  • Wide range of professional formats:
    • HEVC 10bit 4:2:2
    • Sony XDCAM & XAVC
    • Panasonic ADVHD
    • RED RAW
    • Blackmagic RAW Beta

Now let’s see the features of another software included in VEGAS Pro, which is SOUND FORGE Audio Studio.

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SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

VEGAS Pro includes SOUND FORGE Audio Studio by MAGIX, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for Professional Audio Editing!

With SOUND FORGE Audio Studio you access:

  • Features for recording, editing and mastering audio

  • Multichannel audio editing

  • Background noise reduction

  • Pristine audio recording up to 32-bit/384 kHz

  • Seamless integration with VEGAS Pro

  • Helpful tools like Remote Recording.

  • Absolute audio editing precision

  • Remove or reduce noise for perfect results

  • Audio Mastering: achieve broadcast compliant loudness with professional effects and metering

Now let’s see the features of another software included in VEGAS Pro, which is Boris FX Primatte Studio.

Boris FX Primatte Studio

VEGAS Pro features Boris FX Primatte Studio for producing immersive chroma key with Academy Award nominated tools used in popular movies:

  • Automatic green/blue screen analysis

  • Manual transparency tuning

  • Correct unevenly lit screens with lighting adjustment

  • Powerful cleaning toolset and edge correction

  • Integrated Academy Award-winning Mocha masking and planar tracking system

Now let’s understand the VEGAS Subscription Plans.

VEGAS Subscription Plans [1 Month/12 Months]

You can benefit from VEGAS Edit 365 and VEGAS Pro 365, the subscription plans that are offered as 1 Month Subscription [monthly payment] and 12 Months Subscription [yearly payment]. They are a lower cost alternative to the perpetual licenses of VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro. Plus, you get a lot of benefits!

Let’s discover the details.

Choose a version of VEGAS Edit 365: 

By subscribing to VEGAS Edit 365 you get all features and tools of that VEGAS Edit, plus:

  • Mobile to timeline (20GB): use the VEGAS Hub app to upload videos and images from your iOS or Android device for immediate download to your project.

  • VEGAS Content (20 assets per month): access over 1.5 million royalty-free stock video and audio assets ready to use in your projects.

Choose a version of VEGAS Pro 365:

By subscribing to VEGAS Pro 365 you get all features and tools of that VEGAS Pro, plus:

  • VEGAS Stream for live streaming for professional live streaming through multiple platforms

  • Mobile to timeline (50GB): use the VEGAS Hub app to upload videos and images from your iOS or VEGAS

  • Content (unlimited HD): access over 1.5 million royalty-free stock video and audio assets ready to use in your projects. Android device for immediate download to your project.

  • Text to speech: Generate synthesized multilingual voice-overs for immediate inclusion in your project. Auto translate your text into several languages for localization.


Awesome! Now you know all the features of VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro and how you can benefit from them!

You also know what features each software program has and which are their advantages, system requirements and compatibility, and what add-ons you can get to boost your editing possibilities even more with VEGAS Edit and VEGAS Pro!

Need a professional video editing software? You already know what to do. Get VEGAS:

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