Where to Download Free Video Templates

Do you edit or compose videos? With software or online?

Great! Now you will see where you can download completely free editable video templates to boost your video editing and compositing projects! Free video templates can be a little tricky to find, but we’ll get this solved in this post!

Just to make it clear, a video template is a video sample that works as a start point for you to keep editing and custom the way you like. Cool, right?!

Templates for Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and other Software that You Can Edit

Templates save a lot of time as they have special effects such as text, transitions, 3D animation and even background music.

In this post you will see where to download free video templates that work with popular video editing software (such as Premiere Pro and After Effects), you will also see where to get free video templates for online editing (no software required, you edit and download the template right from the website).

Let’s get started!


You can download more than 4,000 free video templates on Velosofy for video editing software such as Vegas Pro, Filmora, Blender and Panzoid, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and others.

The templates for Vegas Pro are in the category “Sony Vegas”, which is the old name of this software, when it was owned by Sony. Today, Vegas Creative Software is owned and developed by MAGIX.

The download page will require you to wait a few seconds before you can complete the download. Some templates are hosted on MediaFire, so the download button will redirect you to a MediaFire download page, that’s how it works.

Best Sites with Free Editable Video Templates

Some of the templates will redirect you to Envato Placeit, where they can be edited for free. In this case, you really need to edit the free template and play the full video slide before you can download it for free.

Some of the video template categories in Canva that you can pick templates from are: Birthday, Educational, Reviews, Health, Food, Fashion, Travel, Funny Meme, Slideshow, YouTube Intros and YouTube Outros.

Just one thing you need to be aware of is that Canva offers tons of free media, but it also works as a subscription service. So you may find some templates that are paid, which means you can edit them, but you can’t download your edited version without paying.

However, with a little bit of research inside Canva library, you discover many great free video samples to use, so don’t give it up just yet, try it out first!


Another great source of free video templates is Videezy. In fact, this website has free templates and free video footage too. So, on Videezy home page, type “template” on the search bar and search it, then it will filter more than 2,200 free video templates as a result.

You can also search for templates for a specific video editing software by typing something like “template after effects” on the search bar to filter After Effects templates, for example. You can preview every template on the download page.

Videezy offers Premium paid templates too, so when you see a green label with the word “PRO” on the template thumbnail, that’s a paid template.

You also have the option to filter the results even more with search filters on the left side of the screen: Best Match (for the keyword you typed), by Newest (upload date), by File Type, by Resolution (SD, HD720, HD 1080, 4K, or Ultra HD) and by Format. Those search filters only appear when you search for a keyword, not on the home page.

Websites to Get Free Video Templates

You will see the filter “License type” on the search page too, with four different licenses:

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Creative Commons
  • Editorial Use Only

Free templates on Videezy can be under other licenses. You can find all the information about every license on Videezy License & Usage Explanation written by Videezy Support.

Also, all content on Videezy is under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and remember that attribution is required in the following cases:

  • The content is licensed under Creative Commons
  • You’re using a Videezy Community File
  • You’re using a Videezy Standard File

You find the info about the free template License and how to give attribution on the download page of every free template, under the template preview: just click on the button “LICENSE INFO”.

You can get more details about how to use Videezy free templates by reading the articles on Videezy Support, by reading the article How to Use Videezy Resources for Commercial Purposes and by reading Videezy Terms of Use.

Just take some time to understand the rules of use of Videezy and you will definitely find many great templates there to use on your media editing projects!

Creators Library

On Creators Library, which is a YouTube channel, you can download lots of free video templates for Editing software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. You can also download free Intros, Montage Presets, Motion Graphics, Footage and more, all copyright-free!

Each video of Creators Library channel is a set of free templates, the download links are in the video description.

So, you watch the video as a preview of what you will get, then you check the video description to get the free download links. Don’t forget to check the full video description to see all the download links because they’re listed one by one, not as a pack download. Most videos are hosted on MediaFire and you’re redirected to a download MediaFire, that’s how it works!

Motion Array

On Motion Array, you can get free video templates for Motion Graphics, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After effects, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

You need to create an account on Motion Array website to download the free templates, you can do that directly from the download page and it’s completely free.

Where to Download Free Templates for Popular Video Editing Programs

Also, Motion Array works as a subscription plan, which means that along with the free media, you also find paid templates, presets and macros for the video editing software listed above.

But don’t give up just yet!

You can find great video samples at Motion Array and you get to preview the templates before you download it, as well as preview other info such as the author’s portfolio and what’s included in the download file (music, effects etc).


For online editing (no software required), a great source of free video templates is Canva, you can edit them right from Canva website and download it from there. Canva templates are completely free to customize!

Sites to Download Completely Free Video Templates

This means you can choose from hundreds of video samples, and from Canva’s editing window, you access all other free media that Canva offers (such as free images, free audio and free footage). All the free media can be used to make your videos better!

You don’t need to create an account in Canva to edit the free templates, but it’s better to do that, plus it’s totally free. By creating a free Canva account you can keep a History of all the media you edit, so if you need to recover it, it’s always there.

In case you use any video editing software, you can customize the template on Canva, download it and use the edited video in your projects after it’s all set up.


Great! Now you’re ready to boost your media editing projects with hundreds of free video templates! So don’t hesitate to check the platforms listed here in the post and see what you get!

You can also share your thoughts in the comments below!

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