Why Have a Smartwatch: Top 15 Benefits

Smartwatches can benefit you in many ways. Much more than you imagine!

They are a full computer designed as a watch. It’s not just for timekeeping!

If you’re deciding whether or not smartwatches are for you or if you already have one but don’t know much about it, there are multiple powerful and super cool features these devices can bring you!

Let’s see why have a smartwatch with their top 15 user benefits.

1. You’re always online. Wherever you go. Even underwater!

The first benefit of having a smartwatch is great for tech lovers who never want to go offline. They can help you to keep connected to the Internet whenever you want because they are wearable (digital devices you wear as an accessory on your body).

Have a Smartwatch To Always Be Online

Smartwatches have a long battery that allow you to be online 24/7 to check up your call records, friends messages and social media updates while doing any activity, even swimming! If you swim very often and want to be online even in your swimmer hours, don’t worry: there are waterproof smartwatches!

2. Receive and make phone calls

A smartwatch can benefit you by making it possible to answer and make phone calls even with your hands full. They can sync to your phone via Bluetooth or a mobile network.

Answering your calls while busy is one button away with a smartwatch. They have microphones and speakers to make it easy for you to talk to friends and family through phone calls directly from your wrist!

A Smartwatch as Your Wearable Music Player

3. Your own wearable music player

Another great benefit of smartwatches is the possibility to listen to music all the time, even while walking or doing any commute. There are different ways to listen to music with a smartwatch.

You can play music from the smartwatch and use Bluetooth to connect it to your headphones. Also, some smartwatches have built-in speakers to reproduce music directly from your wrist, though they are a bit tiny and don’t deliver a highly powerful sound quality. But if you like the idea, you can play music directly from your wrist.

Smartwatches support music apps like Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, which allows you to stream songs from those apps. If the smartwatch has a SIM card, you can connect it to the Internet and choose any speaker you want to play the tracks from the music streaming apps. Another option you have is downloading songs directly to the watch using your smartphone.

If you’re listening to music with a smartwatch, its “Next” button is a nice and practical feature you can use to play the next track in case you don’t like the current one.

Smartwatches also have volume adjustment and pause buttons, so listening to music becomes easier and more pleasant in the rush of daily life. Cool, right?!

4. Manage your phone messages

Also by sync technology via Bluetooth or mobile network connection, a smartwatch allows you to receive your phone message notifications as well as read and answer them immediately.

That’s great if you like multitasking as you can be practicing your gym exercises or doing some home activity and, at the same time, keep up to date with your phone messages even if your phone is far away. As long as the smartwatch is synced to your phone, you will receive live updates of your phone messages.

5. Keep track of your health like never before

One of the most impressive features that a smartwatch can offer you is health tracking. That’s their exclusivity because there are no other devices as able as smartwatches when it comes to track the health of their users.

Among other features, a smartwatch can keep track of your sleep and come up with interesting ideas for you to have better resting hours based on your sleeping habits, as well as keep you up to date with your blood pressure and body oxygen levels.

For women, there are smartwatches with exclusive women’s health features.

Also, latest smartwatches can detect falls while you’re walking/running and call Emergency if you need help, becoming a handy safety guard!

Payments Directly From Your Wrist with a Smartwatch

6. Make payments directly from your wrist

That’s right! Smartwatches have mobile payment support!

You can use apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay and leave your cash and wallet at home!

If you usually make contactless payments, you can benefit from a smartwatch because it allows you to manage your cashless payments, set default payment methods and access all features of payment apps directly from your wrist.

That’s even more mobility to your life!

7. Receive and send video messages

Smartwatches have a cool video message feature that allows you to send and receive videos and also make live video calls.

Their built-in cameras let you video chat with friends and family. Some smartwatch apps even let you add filters and emojis to videos, making your live chats more interactive and upbeat!

8. Your fitness exercises made easier

The fitness tracking features of smartwatches are a little different from its health tracking. They’re more focused on sports and physical exercises.

If you practice daily fitness activities such as gym, running, swimming and cycling, you definitely can benefit from having a smartwatch.

They can help keep track of your calories, distance course while walking/running, pulse rate and heart rate. Swimmers can benefit from waterproof smartwatches with swimming support. You can also keep control of your fitness goals, use GPS, smartphone integration, exercise recognition, movement reminders and even coaching!

With a smartwatch at hand, be ready for some serious fitness activity tracking. You will feel like an Olympics athlete!

9. Mange your shop lists better

Your daily life can get even easier by using a smartwatch to upgrade your shopping lists. Some watches apps have item catalogs, interactive graphics, helpful icons and even live streaming of content from food and recipe blogs.

Also, you can share your shopping lists with friends and invite them to connect right to your lists and make changes to it. So, you can go shopping and make it a fun collaborative activity!

A Smartwatch is Entertainment on the Go

10. YouTube and Netflix: entertainment on the go!

Yep! This can seem way too good to be true, but smartwatches do have YouTube and Netflix!

You can watch your favorite videos, series and movies while doing something else!

The smartwatch screen can be a little smaller than a smartphone or computer’s screen, but it’s awesome to have this feature at hand because it’s a world of entertainment possibilities on the go that you can benefit from in your daily life.

11. Have your social media near at hand

Are you an avid social media user? Then you can definitely benefit from smartwatches’ social media features!

They allow you to get social media notifications from Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, WhatsApp and others. Though a few social media apps accessed directly from the watch aren’t present in certain smartwatches, you can use your smartphone or other devices like Apple’s iPad or iPod to connect to the watch and access your social media.

Accessing social media via a smartwatch may not be as powerful as by using a smartphone or a computer, but it benefits you if you’re having a full day and want to keep updated about your social media posts and your friends’ social activities.

12. Sport news on your wrist

This feature is awesome for sport fans because you can be up to date with the latest sport news from a smartwatch by using apps like ESPN Live Sports & Scores.

You can see game scores, watch highlights and even game streams directly from your wrist. The app bases the latest news on your content activities and becomes more focused on your favorite sport teams and players.

13. A universe of apps

If a smartwatch is from Apple, you have instant access to Apple Store apps. If it runs on Android or it’s a Google smartwatch, you have instant access to Google apps. If it’s a Samsung smartwatch, you have instant access to Galaxy apps.

Some of those apps are specially made for smartwatches and let you connect the smartwatch to your smartphone and other Apple/Google/Android/Samsung devices. This gives you access to a universe of apps you can use and benefit from.

Game apps, entertainment apps, podcast apps, GPS apps, parking apps, productivity apps, communication apps.

You name it.

There are hundreds of apps you can access with a smartwatch.

14. Classic time related features: current time, calendar, reminders, alarms…

Of course the classic feature that any watch has couldn’t be out of the great benefits a smartwatch can offer you. Other than showing the current time and date, smartwatches support calendar apps, stopwatch apps, reminder apps and the possibility to set alarms as well.

Smartwatches Have Classic Time Related Features

That makes them a handful of time related features you can use in your daily life! And all of this is powered by the beautiful designs that every smartwatch has.

15. Last but not least: be part of modern technology!

So far you’ve seen that a smartwatch can make your life a lot easier in multiple ways. From 24/7 connectivity to mobile daily life solutions to live entertainment, all coming directly from your wrist, you can get a lot from them!

And last but not least: a smartwatch can make you be part of modern technology!

Imagine how cool it would be to show all of the features of a smartwatch to your friends and family, and even give them as a super cool state-of-the-art tech birthday gift or Christmas present!

Also, it looks super modern to walk around with a device that can make video calls and access social media while you’re running or cycling, right?!

Well, now you know it: smartwatches are awesome!

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