Xara Designer Pro X: The Complete Advantages Guide

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Do you need a high-quality software for graphic design and web design?

Great! In this Advantages Guide you will discover the benefits of Xara Designer Pro X by MAGIX, the design suite that can bring all your ideas to life! Xara Designer Pro X has many powerful tools for professional image processing, for creating vector-based graphic designs, for desktop publishing (print & online documents) and for developing responsive web design with no programming experience required!
MAGIX Innovation that Inspires True Creative Freedom
Let’s see the details about Xara Designer Pro X and how you can benefit from it.

You can also jump to any Xara Photo & Graphic Designer feature explained here in the post through this quick access list:

Minimum System Requirements Web Design Functions
Photo & Graphic Design Functions Workflow Functions
Image Editing Functions MAGIX Update Service
Desktop Publishing Functions Online Content Catalog

Minimum System Requirements

Those are the minimum system requirements of Xara Designer Pro X:

  • 64-bit version of Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual core processor with 2.0 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 600
  • Hard drive space: 300 MB for program installation
  • Internet connection: Required for registering and validating the program, as well as for some program features.
  • Program requires one-time registration.
  • Program languages:
    • English
    • Deutsch

Photo & Graphic Design Functions

By combining professional image editing and vector-based graphic design Xara Designer Pro X gives you countless possibilities to express your creativity.

Xara Designer Pro XYou can create impressive designs in no time with many exclusive tools and features:

  • Vector Graphics Drawing Tools: benefit from a set of powerful tools that allow you to draw curves, shapes, and lines using vectors. It can be anything, such as drawings, logos, icons and illustrations. You can also adjust scale, meaning your drafts can be resized without losing quality. Get photos and images sharp up to the finest detail, which is great for graphic with different sizes in the same project.

  • Essential Effects: bring life to your designs with eye-catching effects such as shadows, gradients, transparency and contours.

  • Artistic Brushes: get artistic and choose from a wide range of art brushes to create art works and to apply colors to specific parts of your photos and images.

  • Adaptable Shapes: you can transform any shape into a custom design element for your illustrations and for your graphics.

  • 1000+ Google Fonts: choose from a wide collection of over one thousand Google Fonts to add unique looks to your projects. Activate them for free and start improve your designs with the latest typography trends!

  • Smart Duplication: design horizontal & vertical patterns from elements and objects with just one click without worrying about the space between the objects, the results are always perfectly symmetrical.

  • Custom Object Embedding: this tool allows you to perfectly place images liven up drab texts simply by dragging & dropping an object as the text will automatically flow around it to fit.

  • Header & Footer Designs: choose a design and easily get professional layout results. Your chosen design is automatically placed at the bottom or at the top of the page where it matches the format of your document. You can also switch between different designs and try multiple combinations to find the perfect fit for your project.

  • Paragraph Designer: this tool lets you design beautiful paragraphs, title pages and headers. You can bring attention to select areas of your project and also add targeted visual accents with the appearance of a professional magazine!

Image Editing Functions

Xara Designer Pro X has many special features for high-quality image editing:

  • Retouch Tool: get perfect images with this fully customizable tool that lets you easily remove flaws of photos, no matter what its size is!

  • Create the right feel for your photos with over 14 preset photo filters.

  • Redefine your photos with the powerful tools to crop, mask, and combine objects into collages, to remove small imperfections or entire objects.

  • Background Removal: you can use masks to remove object backgrounds of photos in no time by simply masking the object, erasing the background and remove it one single click!

  • Magnetic Lasso Tool: easily and quickly cut Items from your photos and remove distracting objects or people from photos without a trace.

  • Photo Grids for Collages: choose from perfectly arranged photo collage templates to frame your photos, choose a from the Online Content Catalog and organize images by dragging & dropping.

  • Brighten and darken overexposed and underexposed areas of your photos or use the dodge and burn to correct specific areas of your photos.

  • Impressive Photo Filters: simply select one of 140 photo filters in the Online Content Catalog, modify it as you like. This way you can present a photo differently each time!

  • Straighten landscape horizons with a special too made just for that to make your photos more professional.

Desktop Publishing Functions

Xara Designer Pro X has features for desktop publishing that will put your text in the spotlight! You can showcase your ideas and make them stand wherever: via printing or via online documents. You can use the paragraph, header and footer designer to create professional, impressive layouts.

There are also customized fonts to emphasize the uniqueness of your projects. Design layouts for magazines, e-books, multi-page flyers invitations, posters for upcoming events and business cards.

Plus, you can also benefit from the CMYK support for bold prints and for publishing workflow to upload media online.

Web Design Functions

You have all the tools you need with Xara Designer Pro X to create impressive website designs:

  • Create Responsive Websites: you don’t need to have any programming experience, simply choose a template, then work on the positioning of widgets, photos, graphics and elements by dragging & dropping.

  • Add color customization and modern animation to the template you choose, such as like parallax scrolling. You have complete creative freedom during the designing process.

  • Publish web documents and websites in one window for web export. This allows you to get your projects and ideas and online easily and quickly.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Xara Designer Pro X helps you to provides search engines (like Google, Bing and Yahoo) with keywords, names and alt text to pictures and graphics of your website content, which makes it easier for search engines to identify your website and evaluate the relevance its relevance for users with more accuracy. You can also show search engines which links are relevant to your website by using nofollow links, you can and offer trustworthy content. This helps organically improve your ranking on web searches!

  • Benefit from intuitive navigation with the new preview, frame your design in a modern way and make it available for download.

  • Publish documents, forms, flyers and brochures online on your domain.

Workflow Functions

With the improved performance of Xara Designer Pro X your project workflow will get much aster and much better:

  • Countless Formats: benefit from more than 70 file formations to import & export using from the same workspace, even from InDesign (.indd). Also, the SVG import and the HTML export and have been improved.

  • Benefit from the razor-sharp HiDPI workspace for pixel-exact adjustments to your designs and Ultra HD 4K monitor support. You will get more precision throughout your creative process.

  • PDF Editor 4.0: this editor edits texts, fills out forms directly in the document and replace images. Also, fonts used in files are recognized and displayed. Achieve better results by displaying fonts embedded in the document and importing more accurately.

  • Smart Duplication Quick & Symmetrical: this tool allows you to create horizontal & vertical patterns from elements and objects and with just one click. Also, the pattern spacing is perfectly identical and you can adjust it in an instant with a dedicated handle.

  • New Rotation Workflow: the Rotate Mode lets you rotate inclinations and angles exactly as you need and easily rotate multiple objects around a single point.

  • New Handles for SmartShapes: they bring a new look that is easy-to-use and intuitive. You can use the using the Selection Tool as well as the QuickShape and Shape Tools to modify the angle of rotation and the size of an object’s size very easily!

MAGIX Update Service

When you purchase Xara Designer Pro X, you get one entire year of access to MAGIX Update Service for free with automatic software updates and automatic new features, for 365 days! Those automatic updates can be used indefinitely! If you reinstall Xara Designer Pro X, you have access to the basic version without Update Service. After one year, you can extend it for a discounted price.

Online Content Catalog

Xara Designer Pro X offers you a full year of free access to the Online Content Catalog with over 1 million media assets that you can use in our designs at any time, privately and commercially, there you find new design elements and templates waiting for you to improve your designs and make them unique:

  • Over 250 modern templates for websites.

  • Header & Footer Designs: new designs that can be automatically placed at the beginning and end of a document and follow your existing design to give your e-books presentations & brochures that professional final touch!

  • 125+ presentation templates that you can use to put your project in the best light and present your ideas professionally.

  • 105+ Text Panels to highlight important quotes and texts, they adjust to fit the length of your text.

  • 15 Chart Templates to depict important data, figures, findings and processes in fitting diagrams.

  • 65+ Photo Panels to turn your layouts and drafts into true eye-catchers and grab attention.

  • 155+ Facebook Post Templates to choose from, you have the right post for any occasion finished in no time.

  • 95+ Instagram Post Templates to grab the attention of your audience!

  • 20+ Table Templates to summarize data, numbers and bullet points in an appealing manner and in no time.

  • Ten Templates for modern e-books: you can combine text, pictures and graphics to create your own e-books for readers and customers!

MAGIX Innovation that Inspires True Creative Freedom


Awesome! Now you know how you can benefit from Xara Designer Pro X features to create perfect graphic designs, web designs and desktop publishing! You also know how to benefit from the new workflow features of this software and which are the advantages of having access to MAGIX Update Service that offers 1 year of automatic software updates and to the Online Content Catalog that offers over 1 million media assets for your projects!

Need a high-quality design software? You already know what to do:

Get Xara Designer Pro X.

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