Xara Photo & Graphic Designer: The Complete Advantages Guide

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Do you like image editing or graphic design? Would you like to have a software to realize your creative ideas easily?

In this Advantages Review you will discover all the benefits of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer by MAGIX to develop photo editing, graphic design and illustrations! This software has a lot of exclusive features and tools that allow you to design great visuals! You can put all your creativity in action and get inspiration by using this software!
MAGIX Innovation that Inspires True Creative Freedom
Let’s see the details about Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and how you can benefit from it.

You can also jump to any feature of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer explained here in the post through this quick access list:

Minimum System Requirements

Photo Editing Functions

Graphic & Illustration Functions

Workflow Functions

Online Content Catalog

Minimum System Requirements

Those are the minimum system requirements of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer:

  • 64-bit version of Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual core processor with 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 600
  • Available drive space: 300 MB for program installation
  • Internet connection: Required for registering and validating the program, as well as for some program features.
  • Program requires one-time registration.
  • Program languages:
    • English
    • Deutsch
    • Français
    • Español
    • Italiano
    • Nederlands

Photo Editing Functions

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer has many functions that allow you to edit, retouch, and apply effects to your photos, it offers everything you need to optimize your images!Xara Photo & Graphic DesignerLet’s see the details:

  • Extensive photo editing: tools to adjust contrast, saturation, color, and brightness. Optimize your images, develop detailed photo retouching and do image correcting.

  • Background removal tool to remove objects from photos and images. You can remove backgrounds with one click!

  • Cut items easily and remove unwanted objects: you can select an outline with the mouse and the magnetic lasso, which will automatically create a path.

  • Magic Erase & Repair Brush: it can be distracting street signs, moving cars or someone walking into the shot, these tools remove unwanted objects from your photos in no time.

  • Photo Heal tool that allows you to make wrinkles or spots disappear with one click and retouch your photos in no time!

Graphic & Illustration Functions

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer has many graphic design functions to combine images and text with illustration in a project, to create impressive graphics using vectors, to develop vector-based illustrations and custom design templates. You can make each one of your creative ideas come true in no time!

Let’s see the details:

  • Vector-based graphic design: combine vector shapes and texts to create logos, flyers and invitations. Then, export your finished design in any size without full quality. Create amazing invitations and greeting cards to send to your friends, to your family or to your clients. You can be sure to find the right template for any occasion.

  • 3D Design Tool: set depth, perspective and shadow to your design projects or create your own apartment plans for interior designs.

  • Choose from over 240 Facebook & Instagram post templates and custom them as you like in just a few clicks. Share your ideas on social media easily and beautifully!

  • Choose from 1000+ Google Fonts available for free and find the perfect typography for your projects. You can count on a wide variety of options to create your design text.

  • Photo Collages: select your favorite template, drag & drop your photos to where you want and adjust the collage grids the way you like! You can also print documents to digital artwork and create professional design and drawings and from photo collages.

  • Shape Tool: change the color and the outline and of any shape without losing quality, create new shapes for your designs as you like.

  • SmartShapes for designs: create unique designs with this tool and modify them as you like, choose from photo text boxes, wheels, arrows, tables, lines and trapezoids to shape your project.

  • Large selection of art brushes: create your photo-realistic brush patterns using vectors, scans and photos, easily create realistic effects and drawings. Use a photo as a template to then transform it into a painting.

  • Tons of Effects: make your illustrations unique with effects such as gradients, shadows and transparency. Or use the Mold Tool to change an object perspective.

Workflow Functions

You have access to many Workflow functions with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer to make your design projects work smoothly and faster. That allow you to completely focus on your creative visions.

Let’s see the details:

  • Magic Resize: this tool lets you format one post with the right size category for every social media platforms without distorting the images, so you save a lot of time.

  • Smart Duplication: you can duplicate individual objects and entire groups of objects with precision, all by dragging & dropping.

  • Adjust size and spacing with just one click: no more copying and pasting! Now it’s easier than ever to design the perfect layout is, you can create horizontal and vertical patterns from element one click! Use custom handles to add the perfect final touch to your project by adjust the spacing and size.

  • Benefit from the larger handles for the selection tool, SmartShapes, QuickShape Tool and Shape Tool that enable user-friendly modifications to the size and rotation of your project’s objects.

  • New Rotation Workflow: you can move multiple objects around a common axis point by simply activating the Rotate Mode and by placing a point anywhere in the document.

  • Work in any color space, maintain the correct color up to the final print. You can also count on the CMYK support (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) to find the exact hue your prints need.

  • Select file formats freely: you can import, edit and export multiple file formats. Experience a simple workflow when to sharing and collaborating with friends and colleagues.

  • Improve your workflow speed by accessing tools and features with custom keyboard shortcuts.

  • HiDPI Support: benefit from the new razor-sharp HiDPI program interface for 4K monitors with optimal contrast and high resolution texture. This allows you to custom your designs with pixel-exact accuracy and make pixel-exact adjustments without straining your eyes.

  • Multicore support for higher performance and make optimal use of processors.

  • Edit PDF files easily using PDF Editor 4.0.

  • 64-bit support: this allows you to work on complex documents with many components.

  • Update Service: this is included for free for one full year. You get automatic new software updates and features for 365 days, your designs will always have the latest look! After one year, you can extend the Update Service for a discounted price.

Online Content Catalog

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer offers you a full year of free access to the Online Content Catalog with over 1 million media assets that you can use in our designs at any time, privately and commercially:

  • 105+ Text Panels to highlight important quotes and texts, they adjust to fit the length of your text.

  • 65+ Photo Panels to turn your layouts and drafts into true eye-catchers and grab attention.

  • 155+ Facebook Post Templates to choose from, you have the right post for any occasion finished in no time.

  • 95+ Instagram Post Templates to grab the attention of your audience!

  • 15 Chart Templates to depict important data, figures, findings and processes in fitting diagrams.

  • 20+ Table Templates to summarize data, numbers and bullet points in an appealing manner and in no time.

  • Photos, filters, graphics, illustrations, SmartShapes & SmartShapes, invitations, greeting cards and a lot more!

MAGIX Innovation that Inspires True Creative Freedom


Great! Now you know how you can benefit from Xara Photo & Graphic Designer features and functions to edit your photos with advanced tools and create unique designs. You also know the advantages of having access to MAGIX Update Service that offers 1 year of automatic software updates and to the Online Content Catalog that offers over 1 million media assets for our projects!

Need a high-quality professional software to edit your photos and create your graphic designs?

You already know what to do:

Get Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

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